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hers's my dad clinical trial - need info

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well the nurse just called me to let me know that my dad (who is/was stage 3, 5 post lymph nodes) as of next week (tuesday) will start for the first 3 months a combinationo f 5fu/leu/oxi and then for the last 3 months a combo of 5fu/leu/ironotecan (sp???). Has anyone been on any of these combinations before????



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Hi Susana I'm on the first set of drugs as are many here. ( 5Fu, Leuk and Oxy). I just had my 3rd treatment on Wed. I'm not overly fond of these drugs, but I really am doing quite well with them. I can't eat or drink anything cold for a couple of days, throat feels weird, can't touch anything cold( neuropathy), jaw tightness when I take the first couple of bites to eat. That's really about it so far. All the side effects seem to get better as the week goes on.

I'm on an injection every other week for 6 months. (I get the 5Fu in a pump for 46 hours after the injection)

Sorry, but I am not familiar with the second drug ironotecan?

My best to you and your dad.

Let us know how he makes out.


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Iam doing the same,except on my 3rd session they started me on avastin, i do the 48 hours too, but got a appt. next week with doc, may change the oxy because started to get a lot of tingling which is poor blood circulation,but this thursday will be my 7th session when they did a cat scan after my 5th session spots on my liver showed one gone and the others shrinking that is why I am doing chemo was stage IV colon removed tumor and now dealing with spots that spread to liver 2 are in tissue those are the ones they want to shrink so they can go in when they reconstruct my colon they can burn them off instead of cutting so the 4 more session should shrink them more. at least that is the plan

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Hi Susana,

I have been on both oxaliplatin and irinotecan. My situation's different as I am stage 4 but I can tell you a little about side effects. Oxaliplatin left my muscles twitching a bit and I experienced the peripheral neuropathy but both side effects were tolerable. As for CPT-11, my hair is thinning and I react during the infusion so I have to get Benadryl (that wipes me out!) but it has proven to be a tolerable drug as well. On both drugs I continue to lead a full and happy life. I hope your father tolerates the chemo well. If you have ANY questions just come to the board. Between us all, I'm sure we span the spectrum of side effects. Keep up the fight and I wish and pray all will go well for your dad.

Lots of love,

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