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Viet Nam + Agent Orange = CLL ?

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Hello out there! As of early May 04 I am an FNG with CLL, compliments of agent orange the gift that keeps on killing. I am interested in talking to other Viet vets with the same or other agent orange related diseases.

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Ahoy, pagliacci -

Unfortunately this board is pretty quiet. I was stationed on Johnston Atoll with the Coast Guard in 82-83 where they dumped most of the Agent Orange stores. I believe there was a class action law suit some years back against the manufacturer. You might try a google search on that. I also seem to recall seeing some chatter about agent orange and CLL at a couple of the other discussion boards. You can run a key word search for "agent orange" and see if you get any hits. The key word/phrase menu is at the bottom of this page. Good luck, my friend. Be well.

- SpongeBob

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I too have CLL, and just applied for benefits last week. Has anyone else here gotten the compensation yet??? If so, have you filed a private lawsuit for compensation on behalf of yourself??

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Hey, Jim -

Check out the posting by feenix here at the military survivor's site. He is Rep. Roger Landry and he's a State Representative up in Maine. He's also a survivor. He did a tour in Viet Nam and now is an active lobbyist for veteran's healthcare benefits. His posting contains business and personal e-mail as well as telephone numbers. He probably has some good gouge on you question.

- SpongeBob

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Sorry to say Rep. Roger Landry passed away.......

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The 1984 class action suit against the agt orange mfr's had run out of funds in 1994. The case was appealed and won. Your injuries had to be discovered in the beginning of 1995 to bring a lawsuit against the mfr. Send an email to Gerson@AgentOrangeLaw.net..

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I have cancer of the tongue carcinoma. I have been denied benefits by the VA. I was in areas ( 2 tours of duty ) where the agent was sprayed extensively and also served as a Mobile Advisory Team member eating, sleeping and working with South Vietnamese units. Any advice out there on what my next step is ?

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New guy to this form I was reading your post of Aug 04. I have I have NSC lung cancer, liver cancer, COPD and diabetes. Which are ALL related to Agent Orange by the VA. If you are still interested and need more info contact me
at jwhite007@centerytel.net

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My dad was diagnosed with Maligmant Brain Tumor (Cancer) and had passed away back
in 1991. He also served in the Vietnam back in the late 60's. He left behind 5 children.
At the time when he was alive, he did go and seek for VA Benefits and was denied benifits
which was a hardship on our family. I know he was very hurt by this, because he served
in the Vietnam War for our country and when it was time he needed the help they weren't
there for him. Do you know if there is anything as help for surviving children? I believe
I do have some of his documents from the Army.

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Sorry to hear of your loss.....its awful, I know.
I too served in Vietnam from Jun1966 to Jul 1967 and I know I got a full dose of AO. I have submitted a claim to the VA and am awaiting their response. I am on my 3rd bout of cancer and have had to have a total laryngectomy.
By the time I served my time in Vietnam, our children had already been born. I hate to imagine what the outcome may have been had we decided to have children after I came back. There are so many things that keep popping up that turn out to be related to AO. I am still fighting this monster but wonder what else is going to come back and haunt me? It also bothers me that so many of the AO sites have closed down or haven't been maintained in years.....does this mean the initiators have been consumed by AO?
Don't give up hope. Keep communicating with the VA.
I would love to communicate with other vets who have served in VN and have AO issues now. Email me anytime....pipemandoo@myfairpoint.net

PJ Tales
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My sister-in-law lost her husband, Viet Nam era Navy Petty Officer to ALS a bit over a year ago. Based on my urging she contacted the VA and within a year much of his funeral had been paid for, post facto, she was receiving a life-long, apparently, death benefit and exchange priviliges. As a vet he was also buried with full honors at Arlington. I believe that they are working on some sort of medical benefits for her also but do not believe that has come to pass at this moment.

All of these benefits accrue to my sister-in-law as the ALS that took her husband is presummed to have been caused by his "service", not anything connected with VN or AO. This is pretty amazing but it is a statistical fact that service members suffer ALS at a level nearly 1/3 to 1/2 higher than the non-military population. Percentages are something like: General population with ALS = .013/1000, Military .017/1000. Please take these figures with a "BUCKET OF SALT". They are representative only. For more info on diseases and "benefits" check the annual document published by the VA which deals with all kinds of VA benefits. It is amazing that if you ask the right questions in connection with certain diseases, and there are roughly 2-25 diseases involved, there are many benefits to be had.

Agent Orange in connection with Prostate Cancer is a big deal and pretty routinely and painfully acted upon by the VA. I began receiving benefits from the VA within three months of my diagnosis just short of three years ago. If I might be able to provide any specific help zip me a note.

PS: Live in the Wash DC Metro area and am knowledgable of a number of folks that can help with Prostate Cancer and Agent Orange connected matters.

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My father was in Vietnam while they were spraying Agent Orange. 4 years ago he found out that he could get 100% disability because it caused his CLL which he was diagnosed with in 1993. He has been doing well. Last year he had to go through Chemo because of his low blood counts and platelet counts. This year they found out that he also has skin cancer which is causing tumors. If you need anymore information I will be happy to give it to you. I have been with him through this whole ordeal and now with this new one.

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MSNBC ran a story about the link from cancer to agent orange: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4037340/ns/health-cancer/. I'm sure you can find some more stories at the Veterans Affairs Department, where this study is being reported (over 2,000 affected soldiers were included in the study)



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My husband was in Nam from July 1970 to July 1971. He was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4 Brain cancer in March 2010, he lost his battle on Dec. 10, 2011. We believe Agent Orange caused his Brain Cancer, VA says no.

I will not give up the fight, I've been collecting names of Nam Vets that have or passed away from GBM-4.

Thank you.

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