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Chest pain a year out?

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I finished 4 cycles of ABVD for Stage II a year ago, then had 3 weeks of radiation...the last couple of weeks I have had some sharp pains in the upper left part of my chest. It doesn't last very long; just a sharp stab and then it's gone. I know ABVD and radiation can damage your heart and lungs; my fear though is that the pain means the cancer's back. I had a large lymph node under my sternum when I was diagnosed. Of course, I am obsessing over this. I haven't made an appointment with my Dr. because I have a checkup July 12 anyway and will have scan. How do I keep from going nuts in the meantime? Have any of you had similar pain a year or more out of treatment?

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It is always smart to let your oncologists know about these pains to see what they think. I had a similar experience. Ends up I was stressing myself out and having little mini panic attacks. Since being on a antianxiety med, no more chest pains.

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Ky, hi you are the first person I've heard talk about these pains. I was first diagnosed in '95 went through 4 months of rad. with a break because of burning. Then rediagnosed in '97, went through 6 mos. of chemo (ABVD) I also have these what I call "chest charley-horse" pains. Don't know if thats the same kind of pain you have or not. It's been 6yrs since I've finished my chemo and occasionally I do still experience these pains. But I would definetly recomend telling your doc. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

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Sorry to hear of your troubles.
After going through ABVD and radiation 18 months ago, I, too, am experiencing chest pain - dull / sharp that's ongoing and constant. It wakes me up many times through the night. It is so chronic and so constant. I am really getting down. It feels like no one understands and I'm all alone with this.

Does anyone out there know what the Bleomycin or ABVD does, or which way I can point my GP? She doesn't know what to do and the hematologist couldn't be bothered.

Thanks and best to everyone...

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