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Adenocarcinoma of the appendix

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I am a 58 year-old male diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the appendix. The doctors have removed a large portion of the colon, the entire appendix, and part of my bladder as well as multiple lymph nodes. The tumor has metastasized both to the lymph nodes and to the right pelvic sidewall, and is considered to be inoperable. Because of the location of the remaining tumors, radiation also is not currently being considered as an option.

Does anyone have any information regarding new treatments and/or clinical trials for this type of cancer? I have been told both by oncologists and colo-rectal surgeons that this type is only about one case in about 10,000 cases, so there probably isn't much information or trials available. They try to treat it as a type of colon cancer, but really don't have much experience or information as to what works or doesn't work. They seem to think as a trial-and-error situation, and really don't have much data to provide.

Can anyone help on this?


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Im so sorry that you have to be here but glad that you found this site.

My message to you is that I couldnt find any info on my rare cancer either but i did not give up. The internet is such a valubale tool and there are many sites dedicated to rare cancers. Try typing in rare cancers on your search engine. And there are groups that will tell you where to go for good and accurate info.Also, you can call the american cancer society and they will send you good info and guide you where to go as well.
Good luck,


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Rodal, don't want to diagnose or plant seeds of doubt versus what your physicians have already told you. Based on a couple of things in your message you may want to check-out an additional site.

Your diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma of the Appendix can be a version of / or lead to PMP - Pseudomyxoma Peritonie. As in your case these are extremely rare conditions, and most physicians tend to try and treat as a form of colo-rectal cancer. There are some specialists in PMP treatment scattered around the country that take a different treatment approach. These specialists have had success with an approach known as IPHC (Intra-Peritoneal Heated Chemotherapy) and some are also seeing success with oral chemotherapy drugs.

The best site to find a list of these specialists is at:


scroll down the home page to the physician link and there will be a comprehensive list of surgical oncologists and pathologists. I am currently being treated by one of these specialists with considerable success.

Best of Luck and G-d Bless.


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Hi, my diagnosis was Adenocarcinoid of the appendix with mets. You do have some options. After my surgeon removed everything he could, I took Oxaliplatin/Xeloda for 4 months. This chemo did not help me. I then had 4 months of Carbo/Taxol. At this point, I am schdeled for an abnominal chemo wash. This procedure might be something you want to check into. Best of luck to you. There is a Yahoo group you can find by searching Adenocarcinoid. All of us have appendiceal cancer. Search the archives for lots of good info. and post any questions you have. These kind people are very supportive.

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Hi! My name is Cher. My husband, Ritch, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 at MD Anderson in Houston. They are treating it like colon cancer too. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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You may want to visit the Rare Cancer Forum. Chemo is generally that used for colon cancer, but there are other treatments (surgery types and intraperitoneal chemo) done as well. MD Anderson is one of the best in the world, but make sure that the doctors are communicating with drs who have treated this specific form of cancer.

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I am trying to contact anyone who has experienced a side effect from Oxiplatin which I describe as 'chattering teeth' syndrome. I am stage 1V grade 1 Mucanous Adenocarcinoma and have endured my sixth cyle of Ox. 5th cycle Avistan was added and I have been on Xeloda from the start. My onc. and the Clinical Nurse Manager have never seen these symptoms but surely I am not the only person on the planet to experience this dreadful side effect. My onc. has decided to cease Ox. from my next cycle. Can you assist please.

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Since this thread has been quiet for a while, and since colon cancer uses much the same treatment, I think you should post your question as a new thread on the Colon Cancer thread.

You should be able to guess who I am!


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Didn't realize this is you, Alice. Thanks for all your support. I am checking the net to try and find another soul who has experienced this side effect so I can let the medical people know I am not the only person on this planet who has experienced this side effect from chemo. You are appreciated. Hovea

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Dear Cher,
My husband was also diagnosed with stage four of adenocarcinoma of the appendix in Feb of 2009.
We have managed to get through to March 2010 with an aggressive series of chemotherapy treatments.
If you would like more information please contact me at acekayaker@myfairpoint.net

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My husband has that cancer. There are only a few specialists that know how to treat it. Chemotherapy generally does not work because this cancer is not spread through your blood or lymphatic system.
Here is a link to the physician we used, Dr. Evan Ong at the University of Arizona research hospital.
Dr Brian Loggie of Omaha Nebraska treats that type of cancer. I have heard good things about him. Here is his link:
I wish you the best!

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Check out: www.appendix-cancer.com

Most comprehensive information on the subject!

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