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How do you respond?

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Joined: Mar 2004

How do you respond when asked, how are you doing? Sometimes it is exasperating to be greeted by a co-worker, friend or family member with this question. I am curious how everyone responds, as I am sure you are all asked the same question. Thanks.

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I respond with I'm fine thank you and if the want to know more they will ask and I will tell them.

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I respond "fine thank you" to those that ask, with the exception of family members I am close to and I tell them the truth, whether its "fine" or "not so good today".

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I usually told the truth. I figured they were asking for a reason....they wanted to know. I didn't mind though because if someone asked, I knew they were thinking of me, which was comforting.

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I always say, "doing pretty good", then if they want more info they will ask. I also, tell my family more though. I know they really want to know how I'm really doing. Some days are really pretty good, and others aren't.
Judy H

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I'm one of these people whose face tells the whole story. I usually have a big smile on my face, so when I get asked how are you doing, I just usually give a superficial fine, thanks. If someone wants more details they can ask!!

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I find that my responses change depending on the person asking. Co-workers are often just being polite, except for those that I know are good friends. Some other social acquaintances just seem nosy, part when they ask questions about the disease, chemo, etc, without seeming to inquire how I'm doing.
I usually respond to most of those quick inquiries with "I'm hanging in there", but friends and family often stick around for more info and to give support. J

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Most of our friends are aware of my cancer so I tell them I am coping.If they question further it is usually because the can see in my face that things are sometimes not all ok.They are genuinely concerned so I tell them anything they want to know.In a way I guess this helps them understand why I can't do the things I would like to or avoid going out etc.--I think they understand this--it really helps us all.Family and kids get told everything-'cos they really deserve to know.
cheers Kanga n Jen

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