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Joined: Apr 2003

Greetings from Key West, FL Semi-Colons!!

Been here for a couple of days playing with helicopters. Heading out later on today. More later.

PS - The rum, although distilled from cane sugar (sorry, Em), is great!

- SpongeBob

Posts: 176
Joined: Mar 2003

Hey our in house pirate is that song called ho ho ho and a another bottle of rum

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Posts: 112
Joined: Nov 2003

Hurry back. We miss you... Yo ho ho... take care and watch out for baracudas!

Posts: 31
Joined: Feb 2004

Ahoy there, SB. Glad to hear from you--we all miss you! I especially miss your humor--you always make me laugh. Take care!

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Lisa Rose
Posts: 589
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Spongebob
The last time I was in Key West I ended up in the mens washroom at Sloppy Joes. My husband just had to show me Jimmy Buffet's message on the wall! Have a cool one and think of us up here in the great white north as it is snowing outside!


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Joined: Jan 2004

Hey SB,
Even though you're working, I'm still a little jealous you are in Key West. I could use some nice warm weather in NJ.
Be safe,

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Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Hiya SB--yep -hurry back mate--my humour in here just aint makin it Bob--tryin me best but the guys aren't goin for it--maybe its got somethin to do with my inbibing in our famous Aussie Bundaberg rum?===made from sugar cane--ooooops!--sorry Emily!

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Joined: Dec 2003

so THIS is our tax dollars at work..I knew it...!

Posts: 46
Joined: Mar 2004

Gee---wish we could be there, too! Maybe next year.....how about having a rum or two for us!?!
Have a great time and please keep your messages coming as they always brighten our day, regardless of our weather here in NWI.
Pam & Mike

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Joined: Nov 2003

Mr SpongeBob, I think ye might have misunderstood your President's accent - when he said 'tourists' I think he might have meant 'terrorists'.
Thar's a lot of tourists in Key West, but they might not be best pleased to be attacked by th' mighty US Navy!

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Hope you get this greeting before you set sail for the wild blue yonder!! Have great seas and a safe trip - (not too much rum) and come back so we can all meet in Mexico and have Margaritas!!!

I'll be taking my leave of absence from this site for almost a month when I go to Europe on April 27 - to return on May 20.

Wishing you safe passage, my friend.


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Joined: Mar 2004

hey bob,
hope all is going well with you.


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