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Recovery Questions

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Hi, I had RP surgery Oct.2004, I had a PSA 10.1. my first psa after surgery was -0.2. Recovery has been going well, up to a point. I have been getting my strenth back, but now it feels like it has level off, I just cant get over the hump. I feel tired. Is this normal? Should I just force myself back to running and being active like before? Any info would be welcome. Thank You.

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Hi Jack!!! I would be checking with my doctor. I had an RP on 7/25/03 and I feel good now but recovery is different for everyone. I have been told that it can take a year to fully recover from major surgery. Also if your post op psa is 0.2 I would be speaking with my doctor concerning that. My first post op psa was 0.14 and my surgeon was concerned that I would need radiation also because he said anything higher than 0.1 was a concern that there might be some cancer still there. We opted to wait another three months for a second psa and this time it was 0.03 (which is considered to be gone). I would not force myself back to anything until I cleared it with my doctor. Hope this helps. God bless. Mike

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Hi Mike, I just like to say thanks for replying to my message. I am glad to hear your doing fine after your RP. I knew I could bounce back after the surgery but the mental part I am finding out takes more time. I have always been active, so I think I was pushing this a little fast. It feels good to talk to other people who have walked or are walking in my shoes, (so to speak). Good luck in your health and life. Thanks again. Jack
p.s. I ran my first 2 miles yesterday. I am on the road back.

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Jack, believe Mike covered everything. Time heals a lot. As you get older (don't know your age but I do mine) I can't remember what it was like BEFORE and so I assume today is normal. Ha.Ha.

In reality, your body just got a major physical and hormonal hit. It needs time. Mike is right, just take it one day at a time.
Stay in touch.

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Jack 1126 Hang in there. I had my surgery back on 11/01 and it took me over 1 year to get back on my feet. Part physical and part mental. It will happen just keep going.

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I had surgery 1/28/04 and expected to bounce right back - BIG SURPRISE TO ME. I live in the midwest and recoup time in February was lots of days at home with cold weather and snow. I found myself getting into a funk without knowing it. I had prepared to battle cancer and the surgery with it. but had not mentally prepared for the recovery period. For the last 2 weeks I have been walking 2-3 miles a day, but have been reluctant (scared) to start running again. I found that my mindset has been affected more than my body. I have overcome the other side effects (incont. etc.), and will overcome this, as you will to. I did have to go on some Zoloft to get some help with the depression and it has made a big difference. I hate taking meds, but this was a blessing. Hang in there, it looks like a lot of us have gone through this and we will all survive and get back to normal. Just have to remember that time heals all wounds, but damnint, we're in a hurry. Best of luck

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Hi, My husband just had surgery 3/11/04-catheter comes out tomorrow-we don't know his PSA yet but Dr. thinks he wants him to also do 6-7 weeks of radiation. You seem to have recovered rather quickly and I didn't know if you had any advice on how to get thru all this.(he is 54)

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Hi hiswife. I see your husband is the same age as me. I had my catheter in for three weeks after surgery(1/28/04)and walked quite a bit the two weeks before it was out. I put up with some incont. after it was out, but knew it would be a problem and figured it was no use to fret about it. I knew I had to wear a pad and would leak now and then, but a guy needs to remember you're the one who knows it is happening, not anyone else. I did the exercises, but have found that walking helps the most. I still wear a pad, but the problems are few and far between. I go back on May 11 for my baseline PSA test. It will be good, but if not I'll cross the bridge when I get there. A lot of what has gone on since surgery has been mind games. As time has gone on, I have been winning more of them. If not for my wife and family, I think I would have been unknowningly caught up in depression, as I had noted in my message. If I hadn't gotten squared around, I do not believe I could have bounced back as quick. I also have been able to visit with many men in my hometown who have had RP. It helps to talk and compare notes. I did start running again 10 days ago and it has helped me feel normal again. for backround on me, in 2000,my PSA was 5.2. Had biopsy and was negative. Each year it went up, and biopsies came back negative. In March 03 I was at 14, negative biopsy, in Dec 03 I was 19.4 and positive biopsy with Gleason of 7. Tell husband and yourself to be positive, talk between yourselves and work together to recover from the surgery. I still have some of the side effect hurdles to clear, but am glad I will be ehre to face them. Blessigs to both of you. Let us know how your husband is doing.
Dakotarunner (Bill K.)

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Hi there "HISWIFE"
I was 54 also when I had my RP on Jan 21-03
My PSA had been 4.0 for yers and it jumped to 7.0--did the biopsy then in 6 mo it jumped to 10.0--time for surgery--never a mention of radiation and I dont know why your Dr. is recomending it.If the cancer stayed encapsolated in the prostate then there is no reason for the rad.--its harder on the body than the surgery--sometimes these Dr's do too much overkill--dont be afraid to get a 2nd opinion---dont get frustrated--you will have a hard time getting another Dr. to 2nd guess your Dr.--good luck

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I am a 58 yr old who had a nerve sparing RP October 5, 2004. I can identify with your comments. My progress has been slow at best as well. At almost eight months post op my bladder control still leaves much to be desired. Up to seven pads a day if I drink. I am very active and fit and wonder if this busy life style is to blaim for the poor progress. Any response would be appreciated. John

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