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Hi, I'm new to CSN discussion. Seeking info on any medicines or other methods to alleviate pain, discomfort from neuropathy from chemo or radiation? I have been on 3600 mg of neurontin/day; also have duragesic patch changed every 72 hrs. Both have given moderate relief over past 2-1/2 yrs. Condition has not worsened, seems to be stable. I recently came across a medical device called The Rebuilder which is suppose to give relief from pain of Neuropathy. Has anyone heard of device or has anyone obtained and used same. Would appreciate any info any one could provide.

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Sorry not to have reponded sooner - my email program crashed.

Now, I have no information but will check the web for sources and request our fellow members to do the same.

In over two years on this net you are the first that I recall to have this question.

Lets all try to find something on the web and advise asap.??
Best Regards,

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