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How to pay for an expensive operation?

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A close friend of mine (my Best Man) in NY has an advanced invasive squamous cell carcinoma tumor in his maxillary sinus cavity. He's already gone through an initial surgery and 6 weeks of radiation and chemo therapy. His doctors tell him there's nothing left to do but wait out the next 2-6 months until the cancer overtakes him.

Now we hear of a licensed surgeon in Denver (Dr. Victor Schramm) who claims that the cancer is operable with a possible long-term cure. That's great news, but it looks like the treatment will cost between $150,000 $300,000. My friend is indigent, currently receiving Medicaid from the state of New York. How in the world does he pay for this? Anybody have any experience with this?


-- Walt


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i have aggressive squamous too and on medicaid. medicaid is a state program - so no one can really help you with that other than someone from your state. i know they do have a good website (ny) because i've used it for definitions, etc. there is an appeal process, but state medicaid usually doesn't pay out of state without a fight. you should try for it anyway.

many hospitals have social workers, etc. that can help advise patients on pymts, etc. and then doubly ck if there's no one closer that can do it. i find it odd that this one has a radical procedure with such excellent cure rates. unfortunatley, there are doctors that have a vested financial interest in thier treatments and 'cloud' decisions. this would raise my eyebrow.

you do have a right to a second opinion and you'd be a fool NOT to excercise it. getting medicaid to cover anything (or hurry) out of state will probably require a lawyer. what thier 'legal' obligation is to the federal program has nothing to do with what's actually practiced unless it's forced. i wouldn't count on it. other people pay out of pocket - my sister in law had fund-raisers and got the local media involved.

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promote paul's website and add a paypal acct#

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