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Neupogen and bone pain

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Hi! Has anyone found a good medication to relieve bone pain caused by Neupogen?

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Hi Elizabeth. I am new to the chat room. I am stage IV breast cancer. I am still getting neupogen injections to keep up white blood cells after chemo. My family practice doctor prescribed a pain killer called "ultracet" for me. I discussed with my oncologist since she was prescribing vicodin and it makes me sick to my stomach. Ultracet works within 30 minutes or so and does not make me drowsy or "out-of-it" like most pain killers. My oncologist agreed to let me use it if it works for me. Also, some friends gave me these aromatherapy neck roll heating pad and eye-cover from Bath and Body Works. You heat up the neck roll in microwave and works just like a heating pad. I use it normally on my lower back as that is where I get affected by nuepogen first. Then I get the knee and calf pain. But I take ultracet and prop my legs up. Hope this helps. Julie

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Hi last year I had to take Neupogen Shots also, I took them in the evening. My doctor gave me Lortab 5/500 which I also took just before bedtime,made me drowsey.By the time I woke up the bone pain was not as bad. Hope this helps. ((hugs)) emmi

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1/2 of a vikodin and 2 extra strength Tylenol knocks down the pain of the last Neupogen injection for me for about 6-7 hours. Only needed Vikodin for overnight pain. The rest of the day, any pain was controlled with extra strength 500 mg Tylenol.

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