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Hi all! I'm on Arimedex instead of Tamoxifen(spelling). I don't hear much from you all about this. Anyone else out there on it?
My oncologist chose it because I have a family history of Uterine cancer and the tomoxifen increases this risk. The Arimedex is new but so far does not seem to increas the risk of overian or uterine cancer. I blocks the creation of estrogen rather then just blocking the reception of estrogen. Comments???? Beth

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From what I hear Arimidex has fewer side effects than Tamoxafen but is only prescibed for post menapausal women. I expect to be post-menopausal after the treatments. How long have you been on it?

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I've been on it for 5 months. Do get hot flashes, as many as 10 a day but they are tolerable. No night sweats. And I am post menapausal. I was on PremPro prior to diagnosis. Weight gain is hard to tell because I also quit smoking 7 months ago so there is usually some gain with that activity.
Thanks for the hugs. Beth

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Hi, I've been on Arimidex for a year now. Before I took tamoxifen but I had too many side effects. I'm happy with it, it has reduced the hot flashes and night sweats. I know it's for postmenopause women but I was put in menopause. Then last month my period came back after 3 years but the oncologist said it happens to a small percentage of women. Lucky me! ALso, last time I was at the oncologist, he said the Arimidex is working fine and very well with me. Hope I've given you some info. Hugs

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Arimedex/Aromasin both aromatase inhibitors are the 'new and improved' drug of choice for ER+ tumors. Originally they were reserved for patients that failed to respond to tamoxifen, but I think last thing I read was they were moving to front line therapy. Not sure where it stands regarding menopause, but do know its studies indicate its a better drug, more effective and fewer side effects than tamoxifen.
Definately worth looking into. God bless. hummb

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Hi: I have been on Arimidex for a year and a half. The only problems I have been having is with joint pain. It was severe when I first started raking it, but now it is tolerable. No other side effects. Does anyone else out there have the same problems. Hope this information helps.......

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I am new to the discussion ut saw your note about Arimedex and agree. It seems to be well tolerated except for the joint pain and the statistics look very good. It seems to be easier on the system thantamofin.

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