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Get your testosterone level checked!!!

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My husband had TC twice, and has two nifty scars to prove it - they remind me of those pockets on suit vests. Anyway, he and the doctors are trying to get his testosterone level up to the 400s but that is a guess because he never got a baseline test done! He didn't have one done in all of his follow-up after the first orchiectomy (followed by radiation) six years ago or at the time of his second diagnosis this past year. So, if there is anything I can pass along it's GET YOUR TESTOSTERONE LEVEL CHECKED ASAP! For some guys 300 is normal, for some 600 is normal.
He is using the Androgel and likes it much better than the patch (he uses 3-packs one day and 2-packs the next)but he is running out of places to spread all that gel!

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Since I had TC three years ago my docotors have determined that mytestosteone level is very, very low (no pre-cancer base mark). Absent testosterone replacement therapy I was regularly tired and had no sexual libido. My doctor has switched me from Androgel to Testim (2 tubes per day) and I have found that it is markedly better. My energy level is better and my sexual libido has somewhat returned. Still trying to determine the correct doses, but I would recommend that your husband ask his doctor about Testim- it is relativley new. Good luck.

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great, thank you so much for the suggestion. I haven't heard of Testim. Is it a gel?
The tiredness and libido have gotten better with the Androgel but there is still a problem with weight gain, even on a strict low-carb diet and daily excercise. It was weird to see him actually gain weight through chemo...
Have you changed your diet at all? If so, what seems to be helping?

Glad to hear you are three years in the clear!

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I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago and i had no labido during chemo. but afterwards i actually think it has increased, and markedly. I have always been an extremely non-violent person but after the chemo i find myself really having to restrain myself from taking a swing at somebody. And its not just that people are that annoying its that i feel like i just wanna fight now, wonder if that was normal. Email at Unibal@hotmail.com

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I was diagnosed in April 2003. I do find that after chemotherapy I too am iritable and just want to punch someone out. I almost can't talk to some people without speaking in an argumentive tone. I don't know right now since the surgery is so new if things will stable out or if this is something that needs to be checked out. Alot maybe the stress of just trying to get back into the swing of things and working etc. How long did you feel the side effects of chemotherapy? I'm just curious. I still feel weak and tired and have numerous other side effects left over to remind me of my journey. Thanks John

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