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Nothing tastes good

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Well, I think I may have just "hit the wall" with chemo and food tasting like anything. I'm having the weekly taxotere through an IV port. Since I haven't had significant fatigue (still working full time) or other serious side effects, the doctor is having me to through 3 complete rounds of Taxotere without skipping any weeks between rounds. Currently on week 6 of 9. Is it everyone's experience that EVENTUALLY food will taste good. Or does it take a long time, like years, before food tastes like food?

I've already done 4 rounds of A/C and during that time always found something that tasted good. Believe me, I put on 10+ pounds trying!! Maybe I should just accept that nothing tastes good and make up my mind that I just won't enjoy eating anything for the foreseeable future.

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I know what you mean though I have only just had my second Taxotere. I get it every 3 weeks but I stopped being able to taste right away. Feels like my tongue is burned or dead! And my whole mouth feels numb. I try to eat y or tart foods in order to get some taste out of my food. Luckily, here in New Mexico you can get almost any food with green chiles! I also buy lemon fruit bars, lemon sorbet and lemon jolly rancher candies to suck on because my mouth and throat get so dry. Guess you can tell I like lemon! Anyway try stronger tastes and see if that helps. My onc said my tastes should go back to normal 2-4 wks after my last treatment. Take care, hope you can come up with something to help. Julene

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Hi rizzo! Take heart-it will get better. It won't take long at all after you finish the Taxotere and your taste will return-you might find that some things aren't as appealing though. I did 3 months of weekly Taxotere treatments and about 2 weeks after I finished I noticed things improving. I don't care for Tuna anymore and I don't get the big "woopee" out if ice cream that I used to. Hang in there girl-you're doing great so far. I managed to work full time thru my treatments too and I even did 7 weeks of radiation after the chemo. Think of all the things to look forward to-getting the port removed, getting your hair back (maybe curly!) Before you know it, you'll be done and back on the road to a good-tasting, great-looking time. Take care and God Bless! Sharon

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Hey Rizzo, When I was on Taxotere everything tasted like salt. If there was salt, yuck. It does not take long for the return of the taste buds. I can eat just about everything and it taste ok. I take a liquid vitamin, and that is hard to swallow, since chemo. Had no problems drinking it while on the chemo.Take Heart. God Bless. Sandy

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Hi Rizzo (one of my fav movies is Grease), I just had my 3rd of four Taxotere and I've yet to find anything that tastes good except a cherry lime slush from Sonic drive-in! I've tried the y, I've tried the bland and the slush is the only thing that can wake up my taste buds! My mouth has a salty taste all the time but I end up salting the heck out of all my food to try and get some flavor. I didn't gain any weight on A/C, in fact, I lost weight but on Taxotere I have gained because I feel like I'm on a quest to find SOMETHING that tastes good. Also, I have heartburn and the hiccups alot, too. Anyway, if you have Sonic drive-ins where you live, give the slush a try. I'd be interested to see if its just me! Karen

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try brushing your teeth and tongue with baking soda before you eat. Rinse well

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I also had 8 rounds of Taxotere and Adriamycin 3 weeks apart and just finished my 8th round. I also lost taste and experienced numbness in my mouth, hands, and feet. The loss of tast lasted maybe a week after chemo and the last 2 weeks before my next round were not too bad for tasting things. I ate very y or very sweet foods, those seemed to taste the most normal to me. Water had a weird flavor, so it was hard to drink the amount of water I was supposed to. I, too, gained 10-13 pounds while going through treatments, but I blame that on the steroids they make you take for 3 days before/after your round.

Hang in there, your taste buds will come back.


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Hey everyone, a little update on this topic. My oncologist was going to refer me to a ear/nose/throat doctor if my sense of taste didn't reappear within 3 weeks. He said that the weekly taxotere should not be giving this effect so severely that the front of my tongue got numb and a few of the taste buds were swollen (very painful!). I read all my prescription literature carefully for all my medications. It turns out that I had a glass full of an Ocean Spray product--red grapefruit juice and lemonade. BIG NO-NO with Zocor! I stopped taking Zocor for a couple days and I can now taste food at the beginning of a meal and the little swollen taste buds went away overnight! The oncologist says I did good detective work on myself and wants me to stop taking Zocor for at least 2-3 weeks until it is out of my system...and also completely stop drinking/eating grapefruit of any kind. What a surprise! I hope that soon I can enjoy eating an entire meal and not just the first 5 spoonfuls.

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