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New to csn

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Hi I am new to csn. I heard about the website from tv. Both my mother and Father had cancer. My had breast cancer and had a mastectomy(sp) when I was 18 and in the Navy. I found out about it after she had the surgery. My dad died because he gave up on life. After he died we got a call from a doctor telling us he had seen his obit. in the paper. He told us that he had seen dad a year or two prior to his death and told him that he needed treatment. He did not get it and he never told any of us. When we cleaned out his apartment we found that he had not been paying bills, or taking care of other anything else. So we came to the conclussion (sp) that he just gave up. I came home on emergency leave to see him and I never told him that I loved him. And to this day I regret that... When we got the autopsy report we found that he had cancer in every part of his body.. Thanks for the chance to tell this..

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i am new here too . i just wondered if god would have a place to talk about my cancer . i couldn,t say that word for the longest time .i was so numb..... i have cancer caused by seeds left in when they removed all my female organs except the cerfix .which looked alright to them ,now i have big tumbors growing in my stomach ,full of infection.... no surgery for me they say .just have to deal with it .i,m over 300 lbs ,look like a cow .i just stay in my apt ,all the time . people are so cruel to fat people ,not wanting to know i can,t do anything to stop these tumbors getting bigger ..... is there some one out there that, can give me some answers ..i feel like i have to die alone .my husband is with me ,but i see the pain in his eyes everyday...i feel the tumbors eating me up inside ..pain is very bad ,at times .thank you for listening .......jentuglory

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