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Knowing Your Survivlal Odds

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I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in July 2002. I made it through the surgery, radiation and chemo and the cancer is now in remission. I am a Christian and I praise God for all He has done for me. I'm usually pretty positive because I know that if I do die I'll be going to a better place. I do however worry about leaving my wife, 7 yr. old daughter and 4 month old son behind. I really want to be here to raise my children and watch them grow up. The biggest stumbling block for me is knowing my odds of beating this cancer. They say I have a 60% chance to live another 5 years. I know it could be worse but it's still difficult to deal with. The statistics are based on a study which was done 9 years ago. My doctor says he believes the odds are better now. Do y'all agree?

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YES.. I was stage 3, 6 of 13 lymph nodes affected and high grade cancer,that was five years and four months ago I am now officially clear ,good luck Ron.

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I also have stage 3, with 1 lymph node affected. Was diagnosed 6/99 and "so far,so good". My doctor said 66 % for me. I do the usual things...eat right, take vitamins, pray alot, exercise, and keep a positive mental attitude. I have a wife and two kids also. Although I think about it occassionally, I just thank God each day I wake up, and enjoy my family and the world around me to the fullest. I do all the things I enjoy, as often as possible. I also set goals for myself to achieve in the future. This helps me to focus my energy on positive things I want to achieve.

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Ahoy, Soldier -

You know what, I was quoted pretty much the same odds. Here's my opinion:

1. What were the odds Moses would be able to part the Red Sea?

2. What were the odds of an immaculate conception?

3. What were the odds that 5,000 people would be fed with just a couple of fish and five loaves of bread?

4. What were the odds that David would slay Goliath?

Odds are for book-makers in Las Vegas (and for Pete Rose in Cincinnati) - your cancer is in remission! You have hit Goliath with your sling. Now just keep a close watch and make sure he stays down!

Hang in there and God bless

- SpongeBob (not a betting man)

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