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HELP! I'm in extreme PAIN!

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After my radical hysterectomy last march, I completed 6 months of Chemo and 2 months of radiation in December. Beginning 1 week before radiation ended, I have had extreme pain in my lower back and abdomen. I have no appetite for food (which is NOT ME!) and when I don't eat, I get very nauseous. So, I struggle down food and end up with stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. I can't win. I am 33 with 2 kids under 6 and I can't live with this pain. Where is this pain coming from and how can I make it stop (besides taking the massive drugs my Dr. perscribed)? Is anyone else having this problem?

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Karyn, I am 9 weeks out of surgerrry and am having a lot of the same pain especially the stabbing on in the abdomen. I've had a catscan and no one seems to know what is causing it. I also have the lower back pain to the extreme. How do you do it with 2 children? I admire you because I do not think I could. I agree about the pain killers I hate taking them and have just been using Aleve it will take some of the edge off but at least you won't be doped up.

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Dear Karyn,
My name is Carol. I've been in remission now for 10 years, but the day I found out that I had cervical cancer seems like yesterday. I started to hemorage and thats how they found out I had it. I'm not a person that goes to the doctor alot. But if I kept up with check ups my cancer would of never been as bad as it was. I was in Roswell Park Cancer Hospital for 2 months. I was never on chemo but I did take chemo pills. I had 3 months of radiation and was like you No Appetite and when I did eat I got sick to my stomach. lol Just the opposite of you. I had to have 2 implants to dissolve the turmor. Things do get better Karyn. Try eating is small portions, that helped me. Try a warm bath for the pain, sometimes that helps. Keep in touch ok and let me know how your doing.

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