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Joined: Mar 2003

I was wondering if anyone knows of an online chat room, where i can get together with others that have or have had cervical cancer.

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Joined: Jul 2002

In this site there is an online chat room. yesterday I had a nice chat with two other people from Ireland and USA. I'm from Chile.
Maybe we should decide what day and time would be good for us (cervical cancer people) to get together. What do you think about it?

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Joined: Jan 2003

I too have had wonderful chats with other women on this website. I would love to chat with other "cervicals" though! Naming a time seems like a perfect idea.

Here's to living!

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Joined: Mar 2003

I've just recently signed on and would really love to chat with other people with cervical cancer too. I was just diagnosed in Nov. and had surgery on Jan.14 after chemotherapy. I still have alot of questions, fears, and raging emotions. I'm sure it would help talking to others. If you have set a time to chat, could you let me know so that I may join in?

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I have had Cervical Cancer stage 2B and just finished treatments , I wrote a story about my treatment if you would like to read it, you may email me if you like and we will chat that way msdragon@aol.com...I am only one I know with cervical cancer , it is nice to know I am not alone .

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If you all decide on a time please post it so I can join also.

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Joined: May 2003

Hello, Hello! I also agree that a date and time would be nice to get in contact with others about this. I often need a chat and know noone in my same situation. Right before my checkups are the most difficult. The next one is two week from today. Wish me luck.

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I have a lot of stress before appointments too. I feel like I'm foolish to stress so much about it. Glad to know it isn't just me. Wonder if it will ever get easier.

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yeah My day 100 came and went awesome!!! My 12th birthday was yesterday and it was so great!
We now truly know what its like to live. I am not supposed to be alive right now! When I was first diagnosed my Hemoglobin was 35!! If I had waited even 1 more week I could have died on the bus or at school!

Any who in your prayers please pray for Parker Stanley Anderson and Briony Fast! please briony is terminal and Parker passed last April please thanks.

Love Shorty/SAAsucks

Deborah Faircloth
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I was stage IIB and inoperable. External Radiation, Internal Radiation and Chemo. What a journey @51 yrs. old. and very healthy and active......until January 2008. I now am another person and I still have so many questions and cannot wait for the storm to be over. Just a little rain would be fine with me. But, I feel very fortunate, count my blessings everyday, have strong faith and refuse to let this beat me down. I would like to hear from you @cornchipsmom@intrstar.net or chat room. Debbie

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Hi Debbie,
This site is new to me as of today, so bear with me if I seem confused...lol. I read your comment and definitely know what I'm going through right now and would welcome contact from you to share feelings, confusions and support. Can we chat?

Here is my story. 2nd time with cervical cancer now. Currently going through extensive chemo, next treatment on the 12th. I'm doing alright, definitely a fight every day. Feel good and determined to stay this way, no matter.

I offer my support to you and will welcome yours to me. Thank you, Barbara

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Hello out there! As of early May 04 I am an FNG with CLL, compliments of agent orange the gift that keeps on killing. I am interested in online chats for cancer treatment by talking to other Viet vets with the same or other agent orange related diseases.

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