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I saw an effective commercial on television tonight for our chat room. I have found 4-7 people in there on occasion over the last week or so, but none from our lung cancer list. Hope to see some of you in there soon...every one has been compassionate and supportive and it's amazing how there is always something to learn. The site is really easy to use.
Margaret in Carlsbad, California

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I would like to visit this chat room, but I am unable to get there. Could you help?

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I can get to the chat room but I can't get to the bottom of the page so I can type, can someone tell me how. I have enlarged the screen and tried to click it down I have made the screen smaller and the whole thing goes away, I'm pretty much at my wits end.

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How do you get on the list? And for Betty.I would sugest using someone elses computer. thanks Bobz1

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we should all agree to a time when to go on chat and see if we can. Mike (michaelcie)

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Yes i really need to talk to someone who's had an experience and it really helps just kinda listening to someone talk about the same/similar thing that im going through..it's not me with cancer..it's actually my mom...we just found out the day before yesterday and it's still stage 1 but just hearing that she has it is almost killing me..i havent really been myself lately..and i believe that talking about it with ppl who actually understands will help.

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Dear CPapa:

First of all, DO NOT PANIC! Let me tell you why: In May 2005 I was diagnosed with Stage I NSCLC in my right lung at the age of 55. A CAT scan revealed a 2.8 cm tumor in my right lung. I had my lower right lobe removed via laprascope in June 2005. Even though all testing and scans showed no further cancer in my body, I elected to do adjuvant chemo. That's where they are giving you chemo to make sure no tiny cancer cells are lingering in your body. It wasn't fun but chemo is doable. Yesterday was 3 and 1/2 years as a cancer survivor for me. I'm sure your Mom can expect a similar outcome. Keep the faith and message me any time.

Best regards to you and your mom,


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hi hollywooder, I have been going to "oncochat" it is a very active cancer website with lots of chat. I am on there alot, handle is my nick there. I tried to answer your e-mail but can"t get into my mailbox to answer you back, this is why I am answering here. bye michaelcie

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Hi, Mike, I tried to connect to oncochat but was imposible, the screen was gray, maybe it's because I have Windows, I dont know. How you can have access on it? Ginelle.

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ginelle, try through acor.org and see if that gets you there. So far I have me over a hundred people active on chat. I also looked under cancer chat rooms and that is how I found oncochat. hope to see you there . my nick is "handle"

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I had sugery in April 2002 for lung cancer. They removed my right upper lobe. Came through great, didn't need radiation or chemo. I'm real lucky cancer free.

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I would like to visit this chat room. Can't get there can you help me.

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Sorry. I haven't been able to get in in MONTHS!. I have the latest Java, but I still can't get in. Any ideas?

C. Abbott

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Hello to all. I have been trying to get into the chat room for sometime but have been unable to do so. I have updated the Java but still no avail. I emailed the ACS and hadnt heard from them and then all of a sudden I received an email from them saying that I hadnt been in the chat room since august 2008 which is probably true with my life in chaos for a while. They had a link that I could click on and they got me in and then I changed my password. So by now maybe if you cant get in you should probably email ACS

Survivor of breast cancer 2006 and lung cancer 2007

mike valuska
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trouble  coping

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So sorry for your loss.  I hope you will visit the greif and berevement discussion board.  There are family and caregivers there that may help. Lori

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