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Having problems w/underwire bra for reconstruction, any suggestions for comfort?

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Dear "Lady", I am a 10 year survivor, now age 42,who chose silicone following the mod. rad. mastectomy in '93. I was asked Not to use underwire bras for 6 mos. till the tenderness went away.Your body takes alot longer to feel normal after such a tremendous change, than we'de like to assume.I used to remove the wire under the implant side through the seam. This way I still had lift for the other side but none of that bruised, poking feeling on my implant side. A friend of mine created a small pillow (heart shaped) to place under my arm for support at night. This coushioned a tender area due to swollen lymph nodes under the arm until my body had healed.Also the bra of choice, even today, is a sport bra which offers support and comfort. I hope this helps. Good Luck. Debbie

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Haven't had a mastectomy, but hate underwire bras. Need the support though, just found new bra that for me is wonderful. It's a no wire underwire, meaning it works like wire but substance is not as stiff and 'pokey'. It's a no wire demi bra from Victoria Secret, gives a little added lift, which at 41 I could use. You just missed their after Christmas sale, they were $26, kinda pricey, but they last me all year. Every year after Christmas that's MY treat. Well, there is the extent of my fashion knowledge, good luck. hummingbyrd