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I AM in dire need of support

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I have Undifferenciated Large Cell Carcinoma of the lung and throat diagnosed on April 1, 2002. Need support as family is 1300 miles away. Are there any discussion groups that I may participate in. Would someone please direct me. Need someone to talk to.

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I had large cell carcinoma or non small cell cancer (both the same) in the lung and 2 lymph nodes.One on each side of my esophugus. I had 24 chemo and 33 radiation treatments in 4 monthsI will be 1 year in remission on Nov.1 2002.You can send a letter under emotional support or you can stay right here.If you find you're not getting letters back from here then go to emotional support. Good luck!!!


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I ama 10 year survivor, both lungs.(not the throat) Looks like I beat it.With the Lords help.If I can be of any help,you can call me at (561)965-2033 or Email me at kay1847@webtv.net My name is Bob.

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I am a Cancer Survivor 3 times...2 Lung(1 lung removed and part of the other removed)...and 1 BreastMy Lung Cancers were in '85 & '92...and Breast '96...I'm doing really well.I decided I would not gibve up on myself and never give up on God's power to heal me.If ever U would like to talk w/others try Yahoo Cancer Chat rooms 1&2(free)...and MSN.click..chat-more-health-Real Cancer Support. I've found all 3 chatroom supportive...I went out to lunch here in the So. Calif. area w/a group from Chatroom 2(yahoo)...it was really nice.so come on and hook up....we talk about everything about Cancer and have a little music to soothe us a bit also.So Denise, I'll look for you...hang in there and don't give in and dont give out.....Let's Live the good life, right now...ok? Mimiwhere ru?

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I am a small cell lung cancer survivor from surgery on 08/14/00 and chemo finished 03/01. You can go to my web site and find the directions to the chat room that you are looking for.



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Hi, I'm Betty Jones and I had large cell carcinoma in my right lung but mine was contained. They just removed a little better than 1/4 of my right lung and I did not have to have to have further treatment. That was in 1990. I also had adenocarcinoma in my left lung in 1987 and it was contained also. They removed 1/2 of my left lung as well. I'm doing fine, and you can see that it has been several years. I would be intrested in hearing from you. Sometimes things are not as bleak as they seem. My email address is jodnns@aol.com

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talk to MDA-houston. u need more facts. the treatment that worked for my neighbor was a drug for each site at the same time for a year. plus radiation and sergry at the same time.

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