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Skin Cancer (Basal Cell Carcinoma) treatment with Fluorouracil

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Hi ya'll! Went to a dermatologist yesterday re:suspicious spot on my chest. It's skin cancer-my first. The dr. kept saying it's nothing to worry about, but the word 'cancer' in any context is much scarier for us survivors! The options: surgery or Fluorouracil cream. She recommended the cream since the spot is in a highly visible area, & surgery would leave a scar. I'm okay with this as I don't need anymore scars in that area! But my #1 priority is to be safe. I read later that surgery is apprx. 100% effective in this skin cancer; the fluorouracil cream is apprx. 93%. I called ACS, she said this is a form of the same chemo, '5FU', sometimes used to treat BC. This lesion is located 1/2 in. outside of the radiated field (from 1 of my tattoos). Wonder if it's related to the radiation treatments I rec'd 1.5 yrs. ago? If not, I'm sure it's due to my many yrs. of sunbathing which I stopped the day of my BC diagnosis. Do any of you have any experience with skin cancer? -Geral

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Go for the surgery. Why take a 93% chance when there is a 100% option available. Don't let vanity stand in your way. You just end up a beautiful corpse. Believe me life is just to precious to take that chance.

I am on Zeloda, which the body converts to 5FU (Fluorouracil) & they are only giving me a 15% cahnce of it working on my mets as I have had all the other treatments to no avail. If there was a 100% out there for me I would go for it even if I ended up looking like Quasimodo.

Whatever you decide we support you. Good Luck

Love & hugs


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