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New Survivor of Prostate Cancer

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Beginning of last year, my PSA was 3.8. Then it went up to 4.5 in June. Had a biopsy, doctor found beign growth. Said he would watch it. Four months ago, my PSA shot up to 12. Had another biopsy. I should have known that I was in trouble when the doctor called me into his office on June 19,2002 and began to speak quietly to me.
He discovered a 2 plus 2 growth.The Big C. I'm glad I was sitting. Said it was the smallest he had ever seen. I am 52 years, young.
The options were laid out to me: Seeding, Drugs to reduce the production of male hormone or surgery. I opted for the surgery.
I figured that I would ask if I could have the surgery in three weeks. I called him on June 24,2002 and said about surgery in 3 weeks.
He asked what was I doing on Thursday of that week. Thursday, I went in, had surgery, stayed a week, went home and was out for 3 more weeks. Went back to work, partime. Went back in on Sept 4,2002 for a little fine tuning. Oh, by the way, my PSA on the last test, three weeks ago was 0.

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Congradulations, best wishes, and welcome to the club.

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I am 55 and newly diagnosed. I'm currently
wavering between surgery and radioactive seeds
as my treatment plan. Why did you decide
against seeds? - MMP

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The reason I elected to have surgery versus seeds was:
1. If the seeds do not work surgery cannot be performed.
2. The inaccuracy of the placement of the seeds may not kill all of the Cancer cells.
3. I wanted to be completely free of the Cancer.
I had the surgery 18 months ago (when I was 58) and am COMPLETELY recovered. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.


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I chose surgey because the cancer was confined to the prostate with tissue still covering the growth. This meant that it had not escaped the prostate. Bone csan, X-Rays, MRI, and cystostomy confirmed. I personally felt that it was my best chance. I was also told that if I had radiation and it did not work, surgery was no longer an option due to burning of tissue around the prostate. I felt that I wanted as many options as possible.
Good Luck in what you decide.

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Here is an example a Dr. gave me when I was deciding between seeds and surgery. Pretend your prostate is a piece of cheese. Put it between two pieces of bread. Then lift the cheese out. Pretty easy. Now take the two pieces of bread with the cheese in it and put it in the microwave for 1 minute. Now take the cheese out of the bread. That's what surgery would be like after seeds.

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