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Has anyone ever heard of Noni juice? I just read an article that states it kills cancer cells on contact. Sold in health food stores... Any more info would be appreciated. God Bless, Adele

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I know Noni juice doesn't kill cancer cells; but it is a good supplement, if you like it. I tried it because a dear friend was drinking it, but it didn't help her cancer. There is a web site that gives the complete story on Noni juice, but I don't remember now if it was just www.nonijuice.com; or exactly what. Can anyone help Adele with this address??
Hugs from Brenda

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hi www.tahitiannoni.com/purejuice has links to show you exactly how it works also www.nonitools.com has tons of books on it to .its fun good for you and a small business to .i actually make money doing this,i love it ,all cancer are not the same but white cells can kll cancer and morinda's tahitian noni makes white cells. ok e-mail me if you have any questions ok bye.

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Hi Adele,
I have been taking Noni Juice for over a year and a half now. It is a wonderful alternative 100% natural fruit juice that has helped my arthritis and neuropathic pain when medications couldn't, only had more side affects from the meds. I am still not well though not cancer a very good thing. I have other problems and know cause I have tried to go off Morinda Tahitian Noni and got all the old problems back, don't need any more problems. It may not be the everything for everyone but it is even a good way to prevent disease boosting immune system. Just the fact it was all fruit juice hooked me couldn't find anything else on the market. It took the Enquirer to twig peoples interest in this product. I searched for almost 2 years trying to find some that was totally natural. Sometimes the processes used can also be the problem. Suppliments not great cause they are just finding out now what the body truly does with the increased doses of certain vitamines. It does take about 20-30 years before the real true affects ever seem to be known. You have to get from distributor and if you. go to tahitiannoni.com/934923 could order by credit card right there and then in my company website. Good luck hope it helps you as it has helped me. Yes there are many amazing stories out there go to the site and hear some testimonials, get more information. They have been studying the noni fruit, Morinda citrifolia, for over 40 years now at the university of Hawaii to find out the healing properties. Polynesians have been using it for thousands of years.
I still know the benefits that I get after all this time. Expensive but if it truly helps worth it too me. 2-6 dollars a day I think more than enough I took the minimul one ounce for over a year and take more somedays depending on how I feel.
Be good to yourself,

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Hi noni juice dosent kill on contact ,i helps your cells do there job better and you can do this more efficent by drink at least i litter for 4 days,after that you drink 1/2 litter for 4 days and than at least 1oz a dat there after,this is a loading dose for cancer.my website has a lot of info in the home page along with people talking about it.if you have any questions please e-mail me and i will direct you or answer your questions,thank you and good health .bye

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hi the links in my home page in my web site will explain how the tahitian noni juice works www.tahitiannoni.com/purejuice
and if you have any questions there after just e-mail me ok ?thanks

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