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Hello, was just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia ? I had blood test,thyroid testing,nerve testing,muscle testing,etc.etc..and all came back fine, its been four months of pain,somedays feeling like I got hit by two trucks instead of one, saw the neurologist today and he said that he believes that it is fibromyalgia....Like geeezzz am I ever gonna feel seminormal again!!! Its so depressing somedays,especially when i'm so sick ,feeling like I have the flu and can't do nothing but lie on the couch in pain and feeling miserable......I know the news could be worse, thank god its not cancer returning,but I really want to feel normal again,painfree.....He is sending me to a rhematoid doctor, and has put me on more meds....hopefully this will help me...He told me this could be brought on by an illness or something tramatic in your life?????? Just wondered if anyone else has heard of it or have it and how they are doing to cope??????Keeping all of you in my prayers !!! god bless,,,karin

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Hi Karin. So sorry to hear about this. I don't have this but have a friend that does. She has the pain that you are having and says the same thing. Some days she just can't get around at all. Will try to find out what meds she is on for you. Judy

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Thanks Judy, that would be great if you could find out what she is taking. The doctor has me on some antidepressants for sleeping, and let me tell you they knock me out, tooooo strong, i fell asleep at 8pm and was asleep until 11 am......I felt like a zoombie all the next day,,think maybe too strong for me,,,Am on some muscle relaxer too,,not too bad,just hits me hard and makes me very relax,,,too relaxed ...i have five kids to care for and run around,its hard to be on some of this meds...and I'm still in pain so not sure whats working or not...oh well I will just take day by day ...thanks again, god bless,,karin

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Not a word medical community likes to use with cancer treated patients. A diagnosis more common for those with no disease I think that side affects have contributed to. I have read up on this and see that I fit every angle of this disease. Not a word anyone wants to use for me though.
Just one of a tiny percentage of women that has had all side affects from every kind of treatment including surgery.
Remember meds also come with side affects and I couldn't deal with them either.
Hope you have better luck than I...
take good care of yourself,

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Thanks Tara, I understand what you're talking about, its tough..You just want an answer to why you're feeling like we do and its agrevating that all the test keep coming back normal...its also so depressing to know that now I have to face this and try to keep it controled...best of luck to you, keep in touch..thanks again.god bless..karin

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Hi, Karin, do you take vitamins? I have found so much for energy when I am on my supplements it is amazing. E, C., a good B complex, and folic acid, grapeseed, cod liver oil, co-enzyme 10. Give it a try, can't hurt! Hugs, Shirlann

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Thanks Shirlann for your response. I am currently taking vitamin E and a multivitamin..i will check on the others, I am up to whatever will make me feel better..thanks..god bless, karin

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