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emergency help

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Hello, everyone.
I am 57, a widow and an only child. I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer located in my liver. I rent a house but it has now been condemned and I need to find a new home immediately. I only have disability to live on and, in looking through the newspaper, I cannot afford anything. I have contacted several agencies but no one seems to be able to help because I don't fit a "category" such as battered woman, substance abuser, over 62, etc. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Does anyone know of an agency or program that can help me? I think I only need help for 2-5 months as I have an appointment in July to apply for Section 8, which pays a percentage of rent, if the person qualifies. I don't know how quickly the waiting list goes. Please, somone give me an idea I haven't tried yet.

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I live in Florida, and I do not know if the services are the same nation wide. Where I live we have Social services, it is different then Social Securigy or Disability. They will give you vouchers on a need basis. They will even pay your rent. I am not sure how long they will do it for. It is worth checking out. Each thing is seperate, I mean before each bill, or rent they pay you go down there fill out the paper work, and then they give you a voucher. If not that, mayge they would have some ideas for you.

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