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Bone biopsy??

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Hi All!!! My onc called the other day to say he wanted to look further into a spot detected in my ribs on the same side as my BC was. I'm having a CT on Tuesday and he is leaning towards having it biopsied. I was wondering if anyone that has had a bone biopsy done could give me some insight as to what is involved. Is it with a needle? Surgery? Inpatient? Outpatient? I didn't think to ask him these questions and he is on vacation this week. I would just like to know in advance what kind of procedure I'm looking at ...... thanks!!!!! angie

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Sorry to hear more tests coming your way angie. Sorry don't know anything about the bone biopsy, something you need and it sounds like your doctors are right on top of everything and although not reassuring it should be.
Your in our thoughts and prayers and let us know how you make out.
Be good to yourself always,

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Thanks Tara! I haven't been on the site in a while. In the midst of all my check ups, my sister-in-law passed away (5/17). It was very sudden and very unexpected. I have been staying with my brother trying to help out with his girls (2&8 yrs). I was quite surprised to return home and have a message from my onc saying I needed more tests. No time is a good time, but right now is the worst. Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm knocking on wood and praying that everything will be fine .... I need to be strong and healthy for my brother and nieces right now. If you read my personal web page, you will know why. Take care ... love, angie

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