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Univ of WA Study

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Hi, Just saw my oncologist last week and he told me of a new report that came out from the Univ of WA for people taking Taxotere. They divided the group into 2, half taking the IV once a month, the others taking weekly IV's. After several years of study they found a greater remission in the people taking weekly IV's. It just so happens that is the protocol I elected so I could keep working full time (we thought that would be easier on my system).Anyway, I wanted to pass this news along, you could go online thru the Univ to get further info on the study. Blessings, Sue

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Is the weekly dose easier on your system? Do you also do the carbo with it? I do the monthly dose (every 21 days) and I dread it more each time, although I know I will be o.k. in a few days I still hate feeling so bad afterwards. Have you had the monthly dose to compare and tell me if the weekly is truly better? Are there less side effects?

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Hi Heidi, Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to you but I've been out of commission a few days with an upper respiratory infection (they're fighting it with antibiotic). Anyway, I take the Carbo/Taxotere once a month, then the next 2 week follow with just the Taxotere. I'm getting ready to start into my 4th month, so things aren't as rosy as they started, but still doable! I'm always feeling good for 2 days after my dose cause I'm pumped with steroids, then the next 2 days are my lowest, lack of energy and appetite. The same holds true for the Taxotere, but I don't have the appetite problem as much. This infection is my 1st real problem since I've started and I'm still working. I just hope I can finish up the next 2 months without any complications. I was going to ask my doc today about Procrit, that drug they advertise on TV for lack of energy and see if I was a candidate for that. I guess I didn't explain thru this that I do have a week off each month to let my body recup a bit. I believe the doc will do a new CA-125 count on me in 2 weeks so I'll let you know what the lastest count is. How long have you been under treatment? You'll have to fill me in on your details and we can compare more notes. One more thing, the combo treatment takes about 1-1/2 to 2 hours and just the taxotere takes about 1-1-1/2 hours, so that gives you some idea of the timeframe you'd need to allow to go to weekly treatments. My blessing to you, Sue

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