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Do I need radiation??????

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Hi I am 27 yrs old, and I just had a bilateral mastectomy on 4/10 with immediate reconstruction. Tumor was 2.5cm, node negative. I am ER+/ and her2neu+. I will have 4 rounds of AC. The oncologist said I had close margins, and is suggesting radiation. I have started the reconstruction process with expanders with implants. Does anyone have any thoughts? I would like to know the percentages with and without radiation, as well as if my implants will be affected, and any other thoughts you have....

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Hi there,
I am 37 and was dxed in sept.2001 with invasive ductal 2.2 cm tumor, node neg, er/pr pos and her-2+. I have done 6 rounds of AC I did do radiation as well and I also had a mastectomy. Right now I am in the middle of 6 rounds of Taxol. I opted to do the radiation because of very close margins to my chest wall. I know sometimes the percentages dont sound like they add a whole lot, but to me adding any percentages at all is well worth it. The radiation was a breeze and I am very fair skinned. I did wait on my reconstruction because they said it could damage it, but not always. I just feel like I want to do every little thing to make sure it does not retrun. Hope this helps!! Email me if you would like anytime Nocarb1@yahoo.com


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Hi, I was dx with DCIS and had a partial mstectomy on 10/8/01 followed by 6 wks radiation. My margins were clear and doctor questioned whether I needed rad or not and left it up to rad dr. My radiation dr said immediately I needed it because I had a high grade cancer and should it's standard practice. I took his advise without question because I wanted to do everything possible to make sure it was gone. I did have some burning of my skin at last but for most part, it was a breeze and definately helped to try to put my mind at ease. I wish you well and hope you are comfortable with your decision. smacks!

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I am stage 3 with 11 our 21 positive nodes and 3 cm tumour. My understanding is the seeding can occur when the tumour being taken out of the opening and dragged through. Even though had a mastectomy it still has to come through the skin and I too thought that any increased chances at survival I wanted. I too felt I had to do what ever I could to increase my chances for prolonged survival.
One has to be comfortable with their decisions as well and I hope you too will find that with yours.
Be good to yourself,

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My name is Debbie and I'm 34. I had a double mastectomy (by choice) only cancer in one side but chose to have the right breast removed as precaution. I had expanders put in as well, I started my fills last september and still have not had my permanent implants put in yet because I had radiation which damaged the skin so they have to expand very slow so the expander wont burst. I had chemo first, then surgery (on the cancer side) then radiation, then right breast removed and expanders put in. Not sure if having radiation after the expanders are in will have any effect??? Have you spoke with your plastic surgeon yet? I would definatly have radiation if they tell you the margins are close. every step you take will help!!!
Good luck, and I'd love to talk to you anytime. email me at dancys99@aol.com
Stay strong :-) Debbie

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