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Survivor...and pregnant

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I am a three year breast cancer survivor. I'm also four months pregnant with my third child. I remarried last year and my husband is the sweetest, most supportive man in the world. (This is his first baby)
The problem is that I'm really nervous about this baby. I have two healthy boys and I'm terrified that the two rounds of chemo and six weeks of radiation may have damaged me in some way.
I want this baby so very badly! But I'm so afraid that something may be wrong. I'm having an amnio next week, but I need advice. Are there any other survivors out there who have had kids after cancer?

Thanks!! Lois

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Hi Lois...I haven't been in your situation, but I have a sister-in-law who, 16 years ago, was diagnosed with bc when 5 mos pregnant. She lives in the midwest, & immediately went to Mayo Clinic in MN. (Local Dr's wanted her to abort, so she went to get another opinion). They did a mastectomy and chemo, and the baby is a very healthy 16 yr old. (My sister-in-law is also very healthy now). There is so much they can do now, and that was 16 yrs ago. So, keep your chin up. I have a feeling everything will be fine. God bless...Cyndi

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Congrats on both the survivorship and the new pregnancy. Please feel free to check out my web page here on this site. I am now a 9 year survivor who had become pregnant just 2 mos. after my most recent chemo regimine(BC-'93-)--(recurrence -'96)both involving chemo.
Our perfectly healthy, smart,beautiful daughter is now 4 years old!!I was ER/PR neg. post mastectomy.post chemo. and also very concerned.But the ovum is said to not be affected by the drugs..as they were not currently in a growth period during these times the drugs were administered.Since chemo acts upon the quickly dividing cells (cancer) the ovum was not involved... Also, I was36 years old. Have faith this baby will be as God intends.I have to think of mine as a Blessing from God and every day with her and my 11 yr old son, and husband as BONUS Blessings also. Best of luck on an easy pregnancy,...bc2miraclebaby

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Hi Lois,
Congrats on your pregnacy. I am currently 6 months pregnant and am undergoing chemo. Everything with me is going great so far so I would image since you are done with your treatments, everything should be great. I wish you the best of luck and it is understandable that you are terrified and scared. I assume you are going to a High-Risk pregnancy dr. They will be able to monitor the baby as they are with me at this time. Don't know if I was any help but.. Take care and keep us all posted.

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Acually, you did help. I just feel better having some people to chat with about this. Keep in touch with me and let me know how things are going for you. My e-mail is redwoman66@aol.com. Drop me a line sometime!!
I wish you all the best with your treatments and your new little one!! Thanks again, Lois

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