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Reoccurent breast cancer

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Hi, my name is Cheryl. I had a lumpectomy and axillary dissection in 2000. I had stage 2 ca. I recently had a reoccurance in same breast with matastatis to left axillary. Had a bilaterial done. This came only 9 months after completeing four of A/C and 37 radiation treatments. I looking for someone who had a reoccurance so quickly. I'm 37 and have a 7 year old daughter. Hope someone can give me some encouragement.

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What kind of breast cancer?

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I had ductal carcinoma in suit. Not sure of the spelling. They said the reoccurance was the same as the first.

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Dearest Cheryl,
I want to welcome you to the site. I hope you find what you are looking for. It took 4 years before I found the need. It is so hard getting on with ones life after such a tramatic thing. I am so honoured to be in this group of women who are willing to share as much as they can.
I was dx in 1997 as well at the age of 36, I had stage 3 with 11 our of 21 postive nodes. The lump I had found 6 months earlier was cancer and it had spread, so much for early detection in my case. I really just wanted to write and let you know that we truly understand how you must be feeling. I am sure like me it was hard for them to dx cancer, it was during a time when doctors still felt it was an elderly woman's disease. I hope they have changed that mind set by now.
I hope you too find what you are looking for. I have found this group of women to be the support I needed through some difficult times I have faced long after my treatments. It is nice to know there are people who do truly understand us and are within our reach.
Hope to see your postings again soon,
be good to yourself always,

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Hi Tara,
So what kind of treatment did you have? Where has it spread? What are they doing now to watch you. They had a hard time with me as well. With the first lump they did a mammo, ultrasound and biopsy. All were negative. Three months later I told them to take it out. Guess what cancer. Then this time they said I had changes because of radiation which turned out to be an 8cm tumor. So much for screening. Mammo didn't pick up tumor nor did any of the other test, MRI of breast, chest scan and what ever else they did. Write back and let me know how you are doing.

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Hi Cheryl, I feel your pain. I had recurrance 5 weeks after surgery.. lost my reconstrion and everything.. lets talk.. do you have icq?

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I do not know what icq is. That would have made me mad to go through reconsturction and have to have it removed. Did you have the reconstruction at the same time as mastectomy. Why did you have mastectomy? Was is due to tumor or preventive measure. Would like to hear your journey. How are you doing now? How long ago was your reoccurence and has it spread else where? Please write back. My e-mail is satterfieldcheryl@hotmail.com

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Hi my name is judy. I had breast cancer in 1997 and in 1999 it came back in my liver.I have been on chemo ever since.I have a 10 year old daughter so I know the worry.e-mail me at evansj22@bellsouth.net Judy

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