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Post external beam radiation & hormone therapy

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I would like to hear from someone with similar results. I was diagnoised with Prostate cancer in February 2001. Long story made short, Psa of 26 & 31, Gleason of 9. Underwent hormone therapy using Casodex & Zoladex before external beam radiation. Eight and one half weeks of treatment. I was fortunate that I had minimal side effects from the radiation. I was able to work full time and also continue hiking. After the treatment with radiation my follow-up Psa was 6.6 (three weeks). I elected to forgo Zoladex and had an injection of Lupron. The Zoladex injection was quite uncomfortable (I didn't have enough fat in my abdomen.) When it was time for the third hormone treatment (six months) My Psa was .6. My question is "Has anyone been there done that". I am a 56 years young male. Three treatments into the hormone treatments my side effects include Hot flashes, joint and mucle ache. and lastly the ability to have a meaningful sexual relationship with my spouse. I know there are remedies, although all are expensive. I would like to hear from someone who has already gone through this tribulation.

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25 days radiation & a seed implant didn't kill mine. Went to an expert surgeon at Mayo, but he backed out saying too much scaring & hemmoraging. He sent me to Pittsburgh for Cryo. It worked! Back to work the next day, & sex 4 months later.
But a few months later i started having problems urinating. Sometimes i can't go & sometimes i cant stop dripping. Have been treating with medication, but no success.

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