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Son just diagnosed

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My 24 yr son was just diagnosed with testicular cancer. I am told it is 100 % curable. What should I expect?

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I was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer this past October. I'm 18yrs old. Testicular cancer is the most curable form of cancer and is usually 100% curable. After surgury and chemotherapy, I'm cancer-free. If you want to talk, just email me.

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Hello, I am now 32 when I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer when I was 17, I
had been treated with surgury&chemo, after that I was in remission for 5 yrs, then
my type of cancer returned when I was 22, after treatment I am doing great 10 years later, I am thankful to the Doctors and Nurses that took such great care of me. I agree with manchey, this is a very curable type of cancer, when diagnosed early.

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Hey, I was 26 when diagnosed and am 31 now. My case was NOT caught early, but my doctor at M.D. Anderson was able to get me through it with some heavy duty treatment. Congrats to you guys on your successful treatments and good luck to the newly diagnosed.

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My husband was diagnosed 7/96. He passed his five year mark this past Novemer (11/01). He had two surgeries (OI and RPLND) and two rounds of chemo (Cisplatin, Bleomycin, and VP16). HIs tumor was a nonseminoma and was almost entirely embrynl cell. This is highly cureable cancer, even with some spreading. It is tough, but he can do it. Please feel free to ask me for any help you made need or any information you want. I would love to help.

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how did he feel after RPLND? I just had mine 8days ago and i can not eat or use the bathroom right. and i throw up everytime i eat anything and i hurt in my guts. is this normal you think. my doctor says to me hm you shouldn't be hurting. and gave me the cold shoulder sorta. andtold me to walk. and i think he is just nuts. I feel like i am dieing. how was it for your husband?

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Hi, I am a testicular cancer survivor of 22 yrs. I was diagnosed when I was 27 yrs old. I recently celebrated my 49th birthday, have lived to see my children grow, graduate, and marry. I have also been blessed with 2 grandchildren. Yes...there is life after cancer. When I was diagnosed I was in stage 3 cancer, life looked very bleak. I dealt with 10 months of chemo, three operations and many set backs, but I thought of my wife and children and I knew I would survive. Never give in to the cancer, fight and believe you can beat it.
Good luck

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I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in September of 2002 at age 28. It was a seminoma. I had the testicle removed and 3 weeks of radiation therapy. We caught it very early and I was extremely lucky as it was caught when I was convinced to go get a physical by my father. I always inspected myself looking for lumps or masses, but no one ever told me to be aware of the consistency of the testicle as well...it was very hard. It took me about a month after the surgery to be fully active athletically and the radiation made me nauseous all day for 3 weeks, but afterwards I felt pretty good. I've been cancer free for a year now and am getting ready to do my first 5k since being diagnosed (the Run for the Roses-Lance Armstrong Foundation)

The funny thing was, I found the trips for my radiation treatment to be encouraging. This was not only because the staff at the treatment center was top notch, but also because I seemed to be the healthiest person there. For the most part, treatment for testicular cancer is a lot less damaging and debilitating, if caught early, than a lot of other cancers. I thank my lucky stars that I needed no chemo, and that I had loving family, friends, and especially my fiance' (now wife) to support me.

If it is caught early, it is true that it can be 100% curable.

It is so important to remember that a positive outlook and a fighting spirit are crucial to beating cancer. I had a friend who had Hodgekin's Disease and was very far along. He went through operations,radiation and chemo extensively. He was told he had a very small chance of beating it and if he did, he'd be infertile. He never gave up, and today he's been in remission 6 yrs, did his first triathalon last year, and has a beautiful 4 year old son.

This experience can be quite an emotional rollercoaster ride for the person diagnosed. The best thing is to be there for them and give them all the love, support, and positivity you can.

Good luck!!

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