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Any Good Hospitals/Doctors in the Los Angeles Area?

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Hi there!

My mom was just recently diagnosed with having breast cancer. I would like to find out from anyone out there who would like to recommend any hospitals/doctors where you have had a positive experience. We would like to seek a second opinion. I have read positive things about Revlon/UCLA Breast Cancer Center. How do people out there feel about them? Any positives/negatives with Cedars Sinai or Kaiser Permanente???

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Hi. I live in the LA area, and also have been a nurse here. UCLA and Cedar Sinai have wonderful reputations. From a personal perspective, I was diagnosed in April and had surgery in May at Kaiser. It has been a wonderful experience. I would completely trust my surgeon. My oncologist comes highly recommended and so far my dealings with her have been very positive. I'll admit I was worried when I was diagnosed because I was with an HMO. I thought, "Oh no, I'm going to be butchered through the system." But I was soooo wrong. I had even considered changing my coverance (before the diagnosis) but now I would never do it. I am very, very happy with Kaiser and would recommend them. If I can answer any specific questions about Kaiser, let me know. You might consider calling or visiting each of these hospitals and talking with the patient care reps. Kaiser has a breast care coordinator that could give you some info. I used the Panorama City branch. Good luck to you. I'll be praying that God will guide you to where the best place for your mom is.
Love, Jayne

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I am a 3 year survivor. I highly recommend my surgeon, Dr. Steven Crain at Kaiser Permanente in Woodland Hills. He also happens to be head of general surgery and does alot of cancer surgeries. Two other friends of mine in my breast cancer support group have also been pleased with his care. The breast cancer care coordinator Mary Stephenson is also very competent and caring. She walked me thru the period of initial diagnosis when you are most anxious and scared. Good luck. Margaret

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