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Starting the follow ups

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Hello everyone, I am finished with treatment and will start all the follow up visits next week. A mugga to check my heart, and a visit with my radiation oncologist and my cancer oncologist for the tumor marker. I feel very strong and very positive that all is well. To those of you that had lumpectomys, do you get a pulling pain in that breast from time to time. I do, especially when I bend down. It is not really painful but always makes me aware that the breast is not fully healed. I have not had a new mammogram on that breast yet. Was the first one after treatment difficult or painful for anyone? Still new experiences....just when I think I know it all....Love to all of you, Nancy

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Scar tissue and nerves can be the cause of the uncomfortable feelings you have in your breast. Sometimes exercise can help loosen the band of scare tissue that is forming. Even message can help.

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Hi Tara, Missing you in our morning chats. I have been getting out too early to baby-sit for my son and away from my computer. You are right about exercise helping and I will get busy with more of it. I see my Onco this month for follow up and will ask him about what exercise to follow. Thanks for your reply, Love to you, Nancy

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Dear Nancy.
Is it it exciting to be finished with treatments or do you feel a big gap in your life. I know Rosa & I feel that as long as you are having treatments you are fighting the ***** beast. Does it feel strange not to be. I am so pleased for you though. What sort of follow ups are they doing. I know more & more they are looking at marker tests. My markers have mirrored my disease very closely. As soon as they go up they find a new tumour or old ones growing again. They have been a good indicator for me. Last week they fell for the first time since the hormones failed in February. So maybe the chemo is working. I have a CT on Wednesday (I have just had 3rd chemo - halfway) to see if there has been any change. I am also decreasing the morphine as the pain is easing a bit so it sounds hopeful. Thinking of you & praying that it stays away. Love to you. Pam

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Hello Pam, I am very glad to be finished with treatment and the feelings are a kind of re-adjustment to time. There is a feeling of being in limbo. I felt this way when I first stopped working outside the home and it took a while to balance my time. I have been baby-sitting quite a lot for my youngest son and we are getting the house ready to sell, so that is keeping me busy. Be sure to write back after your CT and share the results with me. As far as I know right now, the only follow ups are the mammograms and blood tests. The MUGGA was for the heart and I think that was the last one I will have. (have had 3 of these). I really do not understand the tumor marker test and am going to research it on the web tonight so I can ask informed questions. Pam, I pray that this chemo is working for you and that you are soon stronger and pain free. You are so strong in spirit and so kind to everyone here on the site. You are admired by everyone here and I am sure by everyone who knows you, and especially by ME. !!! Sending you lots of love, Nancy

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