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tcbangels brother

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Heh all of you out there thanks so much for all of you writing back to say you all are praying for my big brother.I'm writing because tomorrow he goes to M.D. Anderson to have cat scans to see to check & see if its in lymph nodes .I have a question for you all because i never had radiation therapy,i only had chemeo .David thats my brothers name has to see a dentist tommorrow before he starts his radiation, they have to check his teeth & gums out to do with him having radiation whats that for like sores in his gums from radiation .I had a lot of sores cause from my chemeo when i had my treatments thats all i can understand. I had dentures which the doctor wouldn't let me where because odf sores but he still has all his teeth I would just like somebody to explain it to me so i could him.I just left his house & he is so scared, I'm upset not because I think my brothers going to die because I believe he will make it but seeing him upset makes me upset.I won't let him see that I'm upset because I have to be strong for him like he was for me its my turn to take care of him he's my angel & I can't lose him but I won't show my emotions to nobody I have to be strong he has always been there for me since we were little.I know in Jesus name he's going to be ok I'm quess i'm feeling sorry for myself to night thank ya all for being here & listening to a big cry baby

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I Cheryl,
I think you both can take some comfort in the care your brother is given. He certainly is getting all he needs so they too know how to deal with his disease. I think one should wonder if these kind of steps aren't being taken.
Hang in there the both of you. Cheryl I worry about you too. You have to try and alleviate some of the stress you are felling. You won't be any good to your brother if your health fails. You will be strong for him if you have genuine strength.
Be good to yourselves,

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thanks tara -i needed that encourgement i thank God for giving me this computer
love cheryl

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