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My mother and mother-in-law both had breast cancer 20 years ago. Both had one breast removed (chemo and radiation was given) and were both told they were cancer free -survivors. Now 20 + years later they were not cancer free. The cancer has spread very slowing into the skeleton bone structure of their body. My mother lost her life in Oct. of 2000 and my Mother-in-law is now on heavy chemo again.

Now for my question: How many women have been told they are cancer free only to discover decades later they still have cancer?

I now want to get the word out to be aware if you have ever had beast cancer and you have been told you're cancer free of this disease. Ask your doctors on the slow spreading of breast cancer to the skeletal structure (metasticized ) of your body and eventually attacking lungs and liver.

please forward this message to anyone who has ever had breast cancer or email me at - rmarti5629@aol.com

Living Beyond Breast Cancer : A Survivor's Guide for When Treatment Ends and the Rest of Your Life Begins

After on your wonderful responses to my first posting - this book will help those women who has had their breast cancer metasticized .

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I do not have mets but also recommend this book written by Dr. Marisa C. Weiss and Ellen Weiss. I was diagnosed Stage 2B and asked my surgeon if he had any patients in my stage who later developed brain mets. He said yes so we all need to be vigilent when we notice new lumps, aches and pains. Margaret

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Hi Margaret,

I think brain mets are not as common as bone and liver, then lung then brain, but brain frightens me the most as I guess you too since that's what you asked your doctor about.

I just read Dr.Susan Love's Breast Book and am sorry I did not read it a few years ago. It is excellent also.


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Hi My name is Cindy. I was diagnosis with breast cancer in 1999. It was stage 2. Two of my lymphnodes were cancerous.

Thank you for sharing your experience and trying to help others with this message. I am going to purchase the book you suggested.

Thank you. God bless. Cindy