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throat cancer soreness

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Hello is anyone out there?

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Yeah, at 4am CST where else would I be.

The head/neck cancers aren't the most 'popular' cancers so our posts can be a bit sparse.

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It might not be popular but its all the same. I've been smoking for about 25 years now. I'm a nurse, mother of 3, married 18 years and currently 42. I never really had a voice. Its always been raspy. Some say its sexy, but I hate the way it sounds. Lately, the hoarseness has gotten a lot worse, I didn't notice it, or probally choiced not to notice, it was others who would ask if I had a cold or laringitis, or the ones on the phone who would call me sir.
This would drive me nuts. Now its constantly asked. I girl I went to nursing school said what happened. I was shocked I thought I always sounded like this. My throat hurts a lot now, sore is the word and my voice changes in mid sentence. Have I gone to a doctor? yes about 8 months ago when I had trouble catching my breath. My vocal cords were so swollen I could get that sign relief you get when you breath. I almost got trached. they rushed me to the er
did I stay? no I left with prednisone and an antibiotic and haven't gone back since. Why?
I don't have a rational answer for that. Maybe I'm scared. I think maybe what I don't know won't hurt me. sounds real stupid I'm sure. especially me being a nurse and all. we are the worst pt.
so here I sit, trying to catch that sign relief which is a chore lately. I'm stuck in this space and feel like I can't move. what I need is someone to take me by the hand , but I don't see many hands right now so how bad can it be, Right?

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Neither did I have a rational answer as to why I didn't go to the doctor after discovering the growing lump under my tongue. Now I'm missing threee-fourths of my tongue instead of the possible one-third if I had only gone to the doctor sooner. Size really does make a difference whan talking about cancer. Go to the doctor now! If you haven't felt any lumps or difficulty swallowing you just may need to quit smoking and stop the possible progression towards cancer. But please have it checked out.
Hold your hand, NOT. Kick you in cyber-butt, YES.

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I'm sorry I didn't see this (the susiern mail, posted on june 1st) a few months ago. It's now five months after this mail was posted. There are many things that can cause hoareness but the rule goes if a patient presents with hoarseness that's lasted longer than six weeks and has a history of smoking an Otolarnologist will almost always want to scope and biopsy the trach, lungs and larynx. One of the things that can cause hoarseness is an invasive laryngeal tumor. I hope you've gone and seen the doctor.

I was in much the same position 14 months ago. I had experinced a softening of the voice over a long period of time and also put off going to the doctor as I had no pain or any other symptoms and was in a sort of denial. When I finally did go I was diagnosed with a stage four tumor of the larynx and had my laryngectomy on Sept, 17, 2001. It's been a long recovery for me, I am doing fine now but I must urge anyone who's been hoarse of had difficulty speaking for a period of time thats longer than six weeks to go to their GP and demand a referall to an Otolarynologist. Don't wait til you reach the stage where you have to sacrifice your voice to save your life, as I did.

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Hi, I'm here and my throat hurts too but its because I yell alot, how can I help

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I had tonsil cancer, treated in 1998 fine now but have had a sore throat and sore voice box now for about a year. Doctor says side effect from Radiation. I'm trying to find any body else with same problem

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I had radiation to each side of the neck in 1998 also for vocal cord squamous cell CA. Is your sore throat a raw feeling like when you are getting a cold or more of a muscle soreness? I'm afraid my pain and discomfort are also the effects of the RT (what I'm assuming is radiation necrosis). I have pain if I turn my head to the sides while swallowing or talking--sharp pains. Okay if keep head to the front. Do you have that? I wish I could find out if this is going to just keep getting worse each year. What does your doctor say? I'll ask mine specifically. I'm thinking maybe only pain meds will help at this point. Let me hear more from you. I'm desperate to have someone to share this with. Also, while I do have allergies, I stopped my shots because I was getting worse. Have been getting what may be laryngeal spasms where I can't get air in or out--feels like the larynx collapses. Happens after a sneeze or choking spell. Frightening. Anything like that also? Nasal saline sprays help with the pharyngeal phlegm to a point. Was on Robitussin DM daily to help reduce the phlegm but have been trying to avoid that (stomach problems). Still use Tylenol #3 occasionally for the pain. This week I feel like someone punched me in the larynx--like when you have beginning bronchitis. I've learned that every day can be a new experience, a new sensation with the after effects of the RT--even after all this time.

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I too had vocal chord squamous cell CA back in '92. 2 surgeries and 7 & 1/2 wks radiation therapy and all is well now. I had a lot of soreness, and a LOT of trouble eating for some time after the treatments ended, but I am ok now. I sing in church and speak very well now. I have not had the spasm thing happen ever but I do have to deal with a dry throat, since the RT took out all of my mucous producing cells in that area of my throat. I simply take very good care of my throat area now. I use something called Singer's Secret if my throat gets really dry when I sing.
I hope I don't sound sickeningly positive to you, but I just want you to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. God bless....

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My squamous cell larynx cancer was diagnosed on 10/10/01. I had laser surgery shortly thereafter and in January and February of 2002, I had 44 days of continuous (got the weekends off!) radiation treatments to both sides of my neck. The prognosis is now good but I do have continuing side effects. I have, almost constantly, a low-grade sore throat. My right ear does not drain well and I have a minor ear ache most of the time. Some of my saliva glands do not function as they did before so I drink a lot of water. But all things considered, it really beats the alternative. Susiern, if you still check this board, I would advise you to go see and ENT and do it ASAP. I had the same symptoms as you and was, and I stress the was, a heavy smoker. I am glad that my wife and medical friends convinced me to get checked. We got it just in time and I still have a voice. Good luck to you all. This is a very interesting journey.

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i AM HOPING SOMEONE WILL RESPOND. Is the GWK? I finished radiation DEC 03. Now all of a sudden I feel a heaviness in my throat, and I just finished having a cold for the first time, and now my voice is hoarse again, and has been for over 3 weeks. I am going for my scope next week, and had one 1 week before the "cold". Has anyone experienced this hoarsness. please reply...JMELODY@peoplepc.com

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I was diagnoised with a T1 LVC Squamous Cell Tumor in August 1999. I went through the basic 35 treatments M thru F treatment schedule. I tolerated the treatments fairly well, but I did have difficulty eating crusty breads, meats etc but I made it through better than most - I think
Currently, I see my ENT every six months.

Current Symptons from Radiation
1) Colds always land in my throat and my voice goes into the tank for 10 to 14 days. It just gets difficult to talk.

2) Occasional Difficulty Talking - Aboout 1 1/2 years ago I began having difficulty with my voice again. It wasn't the same symptoms as before but it seemed like my voice just got very weak when ever I talked for any length of time. I also had problems with heatburn. It was also very raspy sounding. I was diagnoised with Acid Reflux. Had a Endoscopy as well because of my history. I am on Nexium now and have fewer problems with my voice.

3) Neck Cramping - Yeh I get that once in awhile (2X/week) but it only last for a couple of seconds and works out very easy. I hope that does not get worse.

4) Soreness - I do not have soreness but the radiated area is sensitive to pressure.

5) Eating / Swallowing - Everything works great - Too Great

I am in sales. I have to talk a fair anmount because of my job. My voice seems to strain very easily when I talk for extended periods of time. I am resigned to the fact that this is just the way it is going to be!!! If I speak louder it seems easier to talk. I also seem to get build up of stuff in my throat which I have too clear up when my voice gets strained. I have considered going to a speach therapist to see if that would help.

Thats all my symptons

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just had a question,my mother has just found out she had throat cancer left side of vocal cords gone ,can not eat solid food she chokes what the heck do we do

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