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something to be said for spunk!

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Hi all. Wendy, girlfriend, I know how you feel. But let me tell you there is something to be said for spunk in a teenage girl!! I was the same way when I was a teen, only I did not start spouting off until I turned about 16.I was a painfully shy child, but when I turned 16 something inside me snapped and I started to stand up for myself. (As a result of being beaten all the time by my dad) I started voicing my opinion and not letting anybody pick on me. In high school I was teased alot and one day the captain of the football team tripped me in the hall way, I was so furious, I jumped up, grabbed him and put him in a locker. I mean Inside a locker!! Of course i got called to the principals office, she was a bleached blond with long red nails who wore a fur coat all year round. Well, I let her have it too!! Needless to say, my reputation preceded me and I could not get a boyfriend, all the guys were scared of me!! But i also believe that my "Take no ****" attitude has helped me in my fight against this cancer. So what may seem offensive now and annoying, may be a huge asset in the future. I am a kind and considerate person, but I refuse to let anyone take advantage of me, or walk on me.
This fight is definately long and sometimes tedious, but in the end, it really is not that bad, the fight for life is definately the hardest fight of our lives, but what the hell?!! I wasn't doing anything anyway!!!
My hair is falling out again. This will be the fourth time in the past year. I was at the mall with my friend and I got really itchy "down there", because my pubic hair is falling out like crazy and itching like you would not believe!!Well, she thought it was hilarious to see me dancing around trying to inconspicuously scratch!! Oh, the joys of cancer! Two more Taxol to go and hopefully that will be it. That will bring me to a grand total of 7 a/c, 9 Taxol, and 26 Herceptin since January 2000. I would love to have some hair in the near future, but it will probably be Christmas before i have enough to do something with. I live in sweat pants and sweattops or fleece tops, it is kind of hard to dress up , a ball cap just does not go with dress pants and blazer!! Pam, I am always a redhead , when I have hair! I am naturally dark brown, but I always dye my hair mahogany, it sets off my green eyes. Now, my blue ball cap sets off my green eyes!! When my husband and I were first going out together, he used to say "you have beautiful eyes", well come to find out a few years later, that was male code for "nice boobs", so now I lift my shirt and say" like my eye??!" We joke alot and it really helps. All our friends are used to my bald head and lopsided chest, it is ironic that his friends used to comment about my boobs, and now I only have one!! But they are also used to the fact that I will do and say anything, so watch out!!
Nancy, I hope you send a baldie photo!!! My friend that I hang out with is black, and up here there are next to no black people, so of course when we are out together, we get some looks, a short tubby black woman and a tubby bald white woman!! We have fun. Her husband is white, and you should hear them!! Anyone who did not know them would think they are predjudiced, but my Lord we have fun!!Well, I dont know if I have helped you at all Wendy in making you feel less bummed out, I start rambling and cant seem to stop!! Oh yeah, what I wanted to say in the first place is; have you ever tried Bovine Colostrum? It is all natural and boosts your immune system, i used it and it really works, and I know Pam will vouch for it too. Ok, well, time to put the brats to bed, and have a little peace. Hubby is out with a friend in his new truck, men and their toys!! Have yourselves a great evening and chat at ya later.
love and millions of hugs to you all.
xo Tiger

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Hi Rosa, I'm sure your attitude has helped you in this fight. I wish I was more like that. I am usually afraid to say anything except on those rare occasions when I have finally had enough. That is usually the time I should have been quiet. Oh well. You are such an inspiration here. Don't know what we would do without your humor & strength here. Have a great day. Judy

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