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skin creams and radiation, Very important info!!

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Hi everyone,
I was just reading a post nancy had made in response to her orriginal post about radiation info. she mentioned using lots of creams on radiated area.

My radiation nurses at the original briefing session said DO NOT EVER USE ANY CREAMS DURING RADIATION OTHER THAN THE CREAM THEY GIVE YOU.
Other creams and lotions may have things that cause further burning, rather than helping.
I was afraid to put something new in the old thread that might be missed because this is a very important subject.
I hope this helps everyone who still has radiation to come.

I can almost make out the print on the screen today. I guess my blood is feeding my eyes enough this time to hilp them see better. (I get really provoked with having all these stupid rarely mentioned "unimportant" side-effects of A/C chemo crop up...at least I have enough sense to call and check with my nurse team before rushing out to get new glasses or get medicines that won't help because the whole problem is caused by the chemo.

Hey all, keep up all the fighting spirits. We will beat this youknow!

hugs everyone, cher

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Hey Cher, Thanks for the feedback. So much is still in the realm of the unknown. I think the name of the preparation my Onco radiation Doctor gave me was, natural gel. And I am going to ask her about an aloe plant. Sorry to hear your eyes are being affected with the A/C. There is nothing to make one more nervous than having their vision impaired, even in a small way. I hope this side effect passes quickly !! Love to you, Nancy

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