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still shoveling!!

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Would you believe that my husband is up shovelling off the roof again?!! There is a small leak at the smoke detector in my laundry room.( one level house) the eves are iced up and the snow is backing up. Sheesh, the weather is nice, but still so much snow!!
I had my homecare nurse paged at 1:00, and now it is 4:20, and she still has not returned my call. I want to know what is the deal with the Herceptin, but also when I called, I was freezing, and had chills, I checked my temp and it was at 66.8, normal is at 68.0, so i wanted to talk to her. I had a cup of tea, and now am not too bad.But I was in a long sleeved shirt, a large fleece coat and a blanket. I almost got out the hats and mitts!!
Well, I am just sitting here bored, but I wont bore you, I am going to make supper for the brats. Haddock and Smiley face fries!! They are good! I found the green ketchup today too, ever since my boys saw the commercial on Tv, they have been pestering me for it, well, surprise at supper tonight!!
Take care and talk to you all later!!
hugs from Tiger

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Hi Tiger - Where do you live that you are having all that snow? I live in Pa., but am spending the winter months in Florida - and thank God do not have to be in the cold, snowy weather up north. This weather is helping me recuperate so very much. You are such a strong person and you WILL survive this disease - Kick A.. My prayers are with you all the way - Love, Lucy

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Hi Lucy, we are stationed in North Bay ,Ontario,Canada. it is about a four hour drive north of Toronto. They get no snow and nice mild weather, but we get dumped on and -40 temps. A few years ago Toronto got a few feet of snow, and had to call out the army to help them!! We laughed, six feet of snow is the norm for us up here. My poor husband, he got on the roof and is scared spitless of heights(if you saw him you would laugh, he is almost six feet tall, and huge, he works out at the gym) I heard a different kind of banging on the roof so I ran out to check, and he was up there trying to get back on the ladder to come down, he could not move he was so scared, I almost had to call 911 to come get him down, but he is stubborn like me, he took a big breath and almost jumped on the ladder and came down. He was thinking about jumping off the roof into the snow bank, which is right up underneath our bedroom window. Poor thing was locked up tight and white!!
There are alot of people who go to Florida for the winter months. The barber who does my husbands brush cuts has prostate cancer, but him and his wife go to Florida every year for the month of March. I would love to visit the Deep South. I love Southern set movies and books, and I would like to go to Ireland too. I have been to Spain, it is beautiful, but I was only 19 and promised to be engaged on return to Canada, so I did not enjoy it as much as I should have. My dad is from a small town about six hours from madrid, called Zaragoza. He took me over to visit my relatives. But if I ever had the money I would go to New Zealand and visit with Pam, and then to "Ma's" house in MO. (Nancy S) Ah well, it is nice to dream, I got stuck in the driveway today, spinning out on ice, I went forward then put it in reverse and just flew out!! good thing we live on a culde sac with only three other houses on it!! All our neighbors were out today shoveling their roofs off too, I think my husband started a panic!! At least we dont have to worry about flooding, we have no basement!! We live in a modular house, like a mobile only larger.
Well, time to put the brats to bed. Take care and ramble at ya later!!
Hugs from Tiger

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Hi Tiger - Wow, you do live up where it snows. About 10 years ago my husband and I went up to Niagara Falls and then on to Toronto to visit with some friends for a couple of days. We got to see the Sky Dome where the Toronto Blue Jay's play ball. That was awesome for my husband, as he is a big baseball fan. We are in Palm Bay, Florida and there are a lot of people here that are from up in Canada - I have met some of them and they are really nice people. We are in Palm Bay, Florida and have rented a place for next year - so I have something to look forward to. If you get down this way, you can visit with me.
I loved your story about your husband on the roof shoveling the snow. He sounds like my husband - he is almost 6 ft. and wears his hair in a flat top - that is like a brush cut, right? Although, he does NOT work out at the gymn anymore!
Yes, I also would love to go to New Zealand - and we could all visit with Pam there. It is good for us to dream - does not hurt a thing.
I hope you make out okay with your Dr. - and please keep us posted. I enjoy the friendship of everyone on this web site - have appreciated all the help I have received and want to help others.
You take care, my dear, and God Bless.
Love, Lucy

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Hey guys I'm still working on getting well enough for my onco to allow me to have my trip to UK & Canada this year. If I can just get these bloody spinal mets under control we can go. We are planning on staying with my cousin in Hamilton & he has promised me he will drive me up to see Rosa. Won't that be neat! Still warm here in our little spot in the South Pacific. Hope the Mir space station misses us when it comes down next week - supposedly east of NZ. Why does everybody drop all their junk in our clean back yard. Keep shovelling. Got your photos Rosa. What a cute cue ball you have there. Bald suits you & your kids are drop dead cute. Love to everyone. Pam

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