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Axillary node disection

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My surgery was in early October and I still have pain under my arm and still a little swelling where 11 nodes were removed,all negetive thank God. Has any one experienced this.

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Hi Alice,
I had surgery in early Dec. and any time I don't do stretching exercises of arms during the day, my arm pits swell at night.
my onco said that was all normal but should check with your doctor to let him/her know what you are experiencing .

It does take a lot of exercise to redirect the lymph.
mine have never had pain, just bothersome tightness when I wake up...so I get up and do a half dozen shoulder rolls, and some of those sword drawing cross the ches
arm things...my kids keep handing me real swords to do them with, but I am afraid I
will put a hole in the ceiling.

I'll be thinking about you when I exercise and try to send thoughts and prayers you way to help it along.
(by the way I had 10 nodes (5 pos. on lert) and 12 nodes(7 pos.) removed.
I was determined not to let the surgery slow me down. It didn't, only the chemo has
and I deem that a temporary thing.
best wishes, cher

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sorry , but left out a couple words, that was supposed 10 removed on left, and 12 removed on right.

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I had mine in September and just now the pain and tightness is gone but I am still numb under the arm and on the upper arm itself. Doing the exercises is the most important thing for getting the arm back on track. I had sixteen nodes removed and ignored the advice not to lift anything heavy. Gave myself lymphedema which is a real pain. Don't lift anything heavy. Take care,

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Dear Wendy. After nearly 20 years I am still numb in the lymph node area so I guess some nerve damage was caused. Doesn't really bother me unless I get an itch & scratching it is no relief. Very frustrating that. As you say the exercises are all important. I was back at work part time 3 weeks after my mastectomy (radical) and lymph node removal but it varies from person to person. Love Pam

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It has been three years almost to the day and I still have some pain and swelling. I have just injured the area at work and the pain is back. Not much to look forward to but it does get better. sincerely tara

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I just had my surgery 3 weeks ago, so I can't give you long term results. I was glad to see everyone else's responses, though. I had 51 nodes removed (yes, 51), with 2 positive. I don't seem to have any swelling, but the area under my arm seems to be really sunken in... I do my exerecises, but my arm is still not able to extend straight up. When I hold it straight out in front of me, it feels like there is a 2 lb weight tied to it ! I guess this shall all pass with time !

Mary Anne in CA

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HI Alice, I had surgery mid Dec. I still have a little sweeling under by arm & some numbness under my arm & down the back part of my arm. It has gotten alot better. I had 19 nodes removed all negative. I do some exercises a couple of times a day. If I don't I get a little stiff. Good luck to you. Judy

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Hi, Alice!!

My surgery was in January. The only pain I seem to have is when I extend my arm straight out, palm up and they try to raise it. I get a pain from my elbow down to my wrist. Anyway, I had 24 nodes removed--only 4 positive. I have yet to regain the feeling under my arm--a challenge when I try to shave!!--and numbness on backside of shoulder by arm. The area seems to be a bit "puffy" in the armpit--but I guess that is from them pulling the skin in to close the incision. I am bad at doing my exercises, but after reading these responses, I guess I will try to get a bit more serious about them. I know that my surgeon said they had to "sacrifice" a nerve that ran through the lymphatic tissue they removed, so may never get all of the feeling back. the numbness in my upper arm seems to be decreasing. Guess I am rambling on, so will quit.

Anyway, take care!!


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Hello, my node were removed in Sept98....and still have pain. My onc tells me it's somewhat normal. Hope to hear from you soon