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survivor of childhood cancer

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I am a 28 year old survivor of childhood cancer. Iwas diagnosed with a brain tumor in February of '82. Is there anyone else like me out there? Any other adult survivors of childhood cancer? Please,if you're out there write to me.

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Diagnosed at age 14 with a Medulloblastoma, now 23 and doing great. I've met only one other person at college who had the same, but at a much younger age. Let me know if you still want to chat.

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I am a 49 year old survivor of Wilm's tumor. Was diagnosed at 6 years old.

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I am a 48 year old survivor of Wilm's tumor. Was diagnosed at 3 yrs old. Does anyone have information on late effects of colbalt and chemo(vincrstine). I have had my appendix, and gall bladder taken out and had hip resurfacing surgery 3 years ago due to no cartildge in the hip. This is the same side (right) that I was treated on. THe hip extensors muscles are atrophied from from the radiation I think. I have had intestinal problems off and on. Scoliosis and other things. Just wondering if anyone has more information that I could get.

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Not sure about the vincristine or other chemo, but apparently it was the radiation that is responsible for my scoliosis. I had neuroblastoma, so in a similar area and initial presentation as Wilm's.

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Hi, how are you currently? Did you recover? - low blood pressure | stress and blood pressure | high blood pressure remedies

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Im a 38 year Childhood Medulloblastoma survivor. I was two and a half. It's 38 years this month. April of 1973 I went into surgery as the Twin Towers in New York were completed. I've been wanting to get involved for a long time. I was thinking of volunteering at the hospital where I had my surgery or giving support/hope to others but life seemed to get in the way. Hope your doing well!

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Im not an "Adult" survivor of childhood cancer, but within this past 6 months, I have gone through alot over 2 months in the hospital,4 Surgeries, Intense chemotherapy, A Pulmonary Embolism and 2 other clots, A Hematoma, Pneumonia, Unexplained dizziness and syncope, Unexplained back/chest pain (23 days on morphine), and still some problems going on. But on march 11th, while i was still in the hospital I received a PET scan that had showed there was no sign of the cancer I was in remission, It was a great day in-spite of everything that was still happening and it just so happened to be my birthday. I spent another few weeks in the hospital after that, but in-spite of being in the hospital on my birthday, it was a pretty good birthday in all after receiving the results. A few days later my mediport was surgically removed and I went home a week later.

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I am a Childhood Survivor of ALL Leukemia. I was diagnosed when i was 15years old, 2 weeks from my birthday. That is one birthday present i could have done without. I am 22 years old now and i am coming up on my 4th year cancer free in July. I am still looking for someone that has been through what i have and around the same age. no one else can understand what you have been through unless they have gone through it too.

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Hi Alicia :)

I am also 22-years-old. I had a different cancer (neuroblastoma) and at a different age (4 years), but your last sentence really resonated with me. While I have always been somewhat different (I seemed older and wiser for my age since cancer, never quite on the same path as other kids), it is now that I am really finding it hard to feel understood as a young adult studying at university to become a health professional. I always feel slightly out of step with the others in my course, and I feel I couldn't even talk about it with any of them even if they wanted to know. It really is true that no one can understand unless they have gone through it, and it feels like no one in my life understands that either!

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I am 15 so I guess that wouldn't qualify me as an adult, but I was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was three. I'm really glad I found this site. And I'm surprised that so many people have been effected by cancer.

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my dad is almost 50. He was born with a wilms tumor and had a kidney removed when he was 7 days old. He went through years of other chemo and radiation to ensure it didnt come back. He has lived his entire life with one kidney that has now grown to the size of 2, he is one of the oldest living cancer survivoris in our area.

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No reccurance since surgery/radiation/chemo in 1997

 email me at jakelee@kw.com to chat

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Hi, I was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in'90. Been in remission for 20 years and I'm 25. Would love to talk with some other survivors :)

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I'm an adult survivor. I was diagnosed with AML at 17. I am now 29 and have been cancer free for 12 years! 


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I am a cancer survivor and patient was again. I was first diagnosed with Soft Tissue Sarcoma or Ewings sarcoma, at age 11. Now 7 years later, I find out I have new cancer: Osteosarcoma. Around the same sight. Back with my first diagnosis I did many chemo rounds and radiation therapy. My doctors believe it was the radiation therapy that caused this new one. I must admit, I was angry at first..and before this diagnosis I have been struggling with major depression and anxiety, so now I feel at a complete loss and even contemplated whether I wanted to do chemo again or not (knowing the consequences) I understand there are many of you that went through tougher obstacles, but its been so hard on me to accept it and go on with treatment because it was hell. When I was first diagnosed and treated I didn't really understand anything, but now I'm older and understand the events going on. At the same time I'm beating myself up with guilt. Even when I told my mother I didn't want to do it anymore, I knew I had to because one recent experience. I went to a store with my mother and sister after my first round of chemo, and I wasn't feeling well so I sat down. A little boy sat next to me and just started talking to me, and asked if I was in school still and I told him that I was sick with cancer and he told me his dad had passed away from cancer in 2010. Despite me not wanting the chemo, I knew the words that flew out of my mouth were true and my final decision. I responded "Well I'm going to beat this one for your dad." And he smiled and said thank you. I'm going to continue with treatment reluctantly at first, but I know I'll kick myself back into gear. 

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Hi brihdz, i love your story but of course not that you're going through this crap again.  I was diagnosed w/osteosarcoma in my left lower femur bone when i was 16, 1998.  had surgery, knee replacement, metal rods, chemo, all the tests and other meds... knock on wood there's been no recurrence.  I'm sorry to hear it's come back to you.  reading your post about not wanting to have the treatment again makes me think of how i would feel if it came back to me.  i can't say i wouldn't feel the same as you.  but meeting that little boy was a sign from the universe! and its good to hear you've listened.  good luck to you, keep your head up.  feel free to write back.

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I was diagnosed with all in september 1982... soon 32

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Diagnosed at 12, now 32! Remission for 17 years! God is good!

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I had NB when I was 4-years-old in 1995. Not sre what else to say on here, but would be keen to talk with any other childhood survivors, NB or other. Thanks :)

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