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blueberry power

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Hi there ladies, Tiger here AGAIN !! Well, the constipation problem is solved, tasty too!! Blueberry pie, my husband picked one up yesterday for me, country market style, I had one piece and that night, wham,bam,hello dolly!!! My belly feels alot better. (and it is all natural!!) So I think after every chemo,blueberry pie should be prescribed to us all.
Now on to a different topic, "The Power of Percocet" Well, let me tell you a little story.
I was having really bad pain from the Taxol,but I was trying to 'grin and bear it' well,today I broke down and took ONE HALF of a percocet, it hit about 45 minutes later,so i took myself off to bed for a nap, well, i did not know if I was awake or asleep,but the dreams I was having were unreal, I could feel myself trying to wake up,but could not,it was like being underwater but not able to come up for air. At one point I thought I was awake, trying to open my eyes ,and my bedroom was upside down and I could not get out from under to covers!! But of course I was still asleep. I finally woke up feeling totally unrefreshed from my little nap, I told my husband and he laughed, he thinks I am weird anyway. I was so disoriented it was unreal. Needless to say, I think I am going to stick to the 'grin and bear it' attitude from now on!!! I still feel like someone rolled me in the gutter,but tomorrow is a new day. Have yourselves a great evening, I am hitting the bed. fight the good fight.
Love from Tiger. xoxox

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prunes are the best!

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OOOH, Yuck!!!! Besides,blueberry pie is more fattening!!!! Ha Ha.

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Rosa, nancy here again. I take a stool softner everyday and that seems to keep me "moving". Also spinach has always been good for me, and oranges. I eat an orange every morning at breakfast. One thing i have found that I can not eat is "beans". My friend in CA. went through a lot of chemo years ago and he told me all he could eat was oatmeal and taco bell's bean burritos. Well I tried the bean burrito and it tasted really good so I had another one the next night. Then I had to email him and tell him those bean burritos went down real easy ,"BUT HOW DO I GET THEM OUT???" So I avoid beans now. Blueberry pie does sound yum yum good. Love, nancy

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Have you tried Vioxx for the taxol pain? I had alot of pain when I was on taxol and Vioxx helped.

Good luck and hang in there.

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