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lets meet in 10 years

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Hi there ladies, how are we all doing today? Tiger here, I just got on and read some of the new messages, it is amazing how many different types of breast cancer there is,and how many different treatments there are. Guaranteed that we will all be sitting here chatting 10 years down the road because there is so much new stuff out there and so much more coming out every day. It is interesting to hear about treatments from around the world, our Drs may or may not even know about some of these, so we can enlighten them if the case arises. I look forward to chatting with you all for the next 100 years,so what if we have some spots on some parts of our bodies, will that keep us down? Absolutely not!! We all have so much to look forward to and so much laughter to share, yes Sue, I know what you mean about missing your bed,I am addicted to Ativan myself right now, i cant sleep without it, but after my last chemo, I want to wean myself off of them,at first they made me groggy and dopey,but now they just help me to sleep the night through. I am not taking anything for the pain from the Taxol, I was trying percocet,but that stuff really made me stupid, so i am just grinning and bearing it. I had a wonderful dream last night, I was at a party with my husband , and I was wearing a clinging black dress,low cut, with two nice boobs peaking over the top, and my hair was long, wow, wishful thinking,or a sleepy prediction? Considering what i look like now, i would say wishful thinking!!!! Well, hand pain keeps me from going any further,I wish you all and all the new comers I have seen in the past few days,a very happy Sunday, Chat at you soon.
Love and hugs Tiger xoxoxox Keep up the good fight!!!

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It's a date. In ten years who knows where we will be. But one thing for certain, all of you ladies will always be close to my heart. We have shared so much, gone through so much together. Personally, I don't know what I would do without any of you. So now, we need to pick out a really nice spa where we can spend a weekend and be totally spoiled and pampered. (It'll take me ten years to save up for it.) But that will be so much fun!


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I'm game! today my hair has started falling out. My friend and I have chosen how it is coming back. a bit darker, a bit thicker, and definitely curly.so now you know how to recognize me at the reunion. oh, i'm mouse now, yu need to know that. susan

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Hi Sue. Just thought I'd empathasize with your hair loss. For me, I think losing my hair was the most emotionally traumatic aspect of this whole deal. Looking back, I wish I would have had the nerve to shave my head before it hit, but I realize that deep down, I kept holding out hope that I would be one of those exceptions to the rule who didn't loose her hair. When it did come out, around week #2, it was like having a Collie dog living in my bathroom! What a mess!! But once I got used to seeing myself as a "lightbulb", it was OK. I have actually enjoyed going to the wig salons to try on wigs. I felt like a 6 year old playing dress-up. And I've come to realize that there are alot of beautiful wigs available! By the way, check with your local ACS chapter. Alot of them offer rebate checks to women who have to purchase wigs due to chemo. My local office is sending me a $75 rebate! By the way, My hair started to regrow after my 4th A/C treatment. And it continues to grow (slowly) on the Taxotere. So remember, it's all temporary! Keep in touch. Jackie

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Hi Tiger, Well in ten years I will be 72, but I will be there. I have my money jug right next to my computer table for a springtime trip. When the tulips start blooming I will be through with this chemo and Ray and I are going somewhere to celebrate. But I will be a frisky old lady at our get together in 10 years. Love, Nancy

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Nancy, I, too, will be 72 in ten years. We can show these youngsters how to PARTEEEE. Jane

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