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Hello...I am new here

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this week i graduated from every 3 months to every 6 months dr visits ..am now three years out.
Only real problem is that mammograms on the operated breast are pretty painful. has this happened to anybody else?

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Hi Maggie:
I think I chatted with you on oncology.com chat room. But just wanted to wish you well and say hi and good for you, you'll be our inspiration here at this site. I think you'll like it here, there's a great bunch of women to talk to and I'm sure we can all benefit from your experiences. I know I for one just had my first bout with chemo, and had the worst week after. But I'm back, feeling good, gaining weight, and energy is back so I don't feel so bad any more. But I'm glad your doing so well. Keep in touch.
your new friend, vinnie

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Hey maggie62. I am maggie,welcome to the network. I have chatted with you on onocology.com (my name is margarita on that network). Hope you enjoy this network. take care and God bless you. maggie