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looking for a contact/friend

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My Dad was diagnosed with head & throat cancer on Sept. 15th, 2000. It has metastisized in his right lung. Stage 4 - beginning chemotherapy this week. Looking for support and information.

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Bless your heart, I had a total laryngectomy followed by 33 radiation treatments Christmas eve of 1996, my heart goes out to you and your Dad, I will pray, let me know how things turn out.

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i had throat cancer in 1990, radition and chem. did not help. i had vocal cord removed . my goes out to you and your dad. i will help if i can just e-mail.

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Hi is this marlene?

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Hi, Pammy. I was diagnosed on January 10,
2001 with a squamous cell cancer. They had
removed a large egg-size tumor on the right
side of my neck, which proved cancerous.
They didn't know the primary site until it
was suggested that I had a tonsilectomy. My
E.N.T. surgeon removed only the right tonsil,
and that's where it started. So, Monday,
(March 12) I'll be starting chemo. I know
how your dad must feel-believe me, I feel
pretty scared right about now, even though
I act kinda tough about it. The doctors that
I have spoken to are amazed that someone my
age(I'm only 33) even has this type of cancer. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, or
anything like that.
I really hope that your dad will be ok, and
if you need a friend, I need one too. I'll
be here if you need me, Okay?

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I just read your note to Pammy, and I had to write to you. I'm 36, and I was diagnosed on January 4, 2001 with mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the minor salivary gland (on the back left side of my tongue). Had the surgery, and luckily, don't need radiation or chemo (got second and third opinions on that, and they seemed to concur, so hopefully they're right). But, like you, I had doctors who couldn't believe that I had something like this (I'm 36, and also like you, don't drink, don't smoke, etc.)--which is one of the reasons it took them so darn long to diagnose it. Doesn't this make you start to wonder if we have polluted the environment so much, or added so many preservatives and other junk to our food that we're now starting to kill ourselves off? I have met so many YOUNG (in their 30s) people who have some kind of cancer, it's not even funny. I know that some of that is because I'm just more aware of it now, but it seems like there just is more of it to be aware of, too.

Anyway, best of luck to you during the chemo (which started today, I guess, huh?). Let me know how it goes, OK?


P.S. Pammy, I hope that your dad does well during his treatment. You and he (and you, too, Sherry) are in my prayers. Take care!

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Hi Sherry,
My experience was very similar to yours. I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in September 2000 after surgery to remove what was thought to be a non cancerous cyst. The primary site was later found to be the left tonsil. I am 44 and have never smoked in my life, and don't drink or do drugs either. Are you going to have radiation and chemo or just chemo? It can get really scary and lonely feeling but just remember that you are not alone. Let me know if you just need to talk.

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My sister, too was diagnosed with throat cancer at 51. She has had surgery to remove the cancer and on the Day before Halloween she has finished with her last radiation and chemo last week. She still has a tracq and a feeding tube. She is doing OK but is in alot of pain right now. Her whole neck is scabbing up and like an open sore. It hadn't been too bad until the end of last week although we have been through many ups and downs. Thank god, it's supposed to be the end of all the treatments. This certainly has been a learning experience dealing with the medical field. Some good, some bad. For sure you need to take notes, followup on everything.
Take care everyone.

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I was hoping you could give me some advice. My mother has throat cancer that has metastisized to her lungs and liver. She will starting chemo in a few days. Could you tell what to expect? Any information would help!

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i was wondering how your mother was doing my brother just got the same cancer in his lung and liver

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