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help! crabby and tired

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I feel so tired and crabby all the time. I am currently going through chemotherepy. I have just started and i'm still trying to adjust to all the emotions that acompany the treatment. Does anyone have any advice

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hi kathyjoe,my name is cher i'm 18 n i'm in remission from level 2 b ovarian ,,,,, I completely understand the tired n crabbiness n most of all the emotions jolting through your body !! I had some pretty intense chemo n I know what u mean believe it or not u can do the smallest things to help w all that everytime after i recieved chemoI would want to curl up in a ball for about a week but i learned not to let myself do that !!!! of course you have to let yourself recooperate for about a day but about the second or third day after chemo make yourself get up n go outside go somewhere n talk a walk breathe in the fresh air n read some books !!! it's helped me along my journey good luck to u :) n godbless luv -cher-

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Hi, I am new to this site. I hope you were able to get some tips. I start my first chemo treatment on Feb. 20th if you have any suggestions for me please email me at dina@foothill.net. I had a complete hysterectomy and my lymph nodes removed on January 11th. I am very lucky and in a small percentage group that catch ovarian caner in an early stage. Mine is stage one and the tumor was all in tack inside my ovary with exception of one incidential cell in my fluboian tube. My symtoms were blotting and a hernia around my belly button. I have spent every waking hours researching as much data as I can all various preventive treatments. I have also gotten second and third oncologist opinions on the recommended chemo treatment of taxol/carboplatin and they all have been consistent that it will lower my reoccurance rish rate from 10-15% to 5-7%. I guess it is the unknown but I am still very frightened about the chemo treatments. Do you have any suggestions. My email is dina@foothill.net. My prayer's and thoughts go out to you.

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Hi Dina. I'm Carol, and like you I was very fortunate that my ovarian cancer was found at an
early stage. I'm guessing that you are stage 1C or that your cells were grade 2 or 3, since they
have recommended that you do some chemo treatments. If I were you, I would choose as you
have done. According to other women I know who have done the 6-course chemo treatment,
and a man with lung cancer who was given the same chemo drugs, the experience is less
awful than you may think. The worst I have heard is that for four or maybe five days after
each treatment, you don't feel very well. The man is in a support group to which I also belong,
and he hasn't missed a session (except for doctors' appointments) while he has been undergoing
chemo. He doesn't seem miserable, though everyone says that you'll be very tired.

I hope this helps. I'd be scared, too, but I think it's worth it.

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I am 36 and just finished with chemo. I was part of a study, and I was taking paclitaxel, carboplatin, and gemciabine. Although they gave me medication prior to every session, taking ativan and zofran at home was a must. Beginning the morning after chemo, I would take these religiously as directed for 3-4 days. This kept me from getting sick. I would be tired and crabby for at least 4 days after a session. Just give in to it and sleep it off!! Your body needs the recovery time, and I am sure it helped keep my blood counts up for the next round. Take a mulitvitamin everyday, and add a vit. B supplement to it. I always felt like such a lazy bones, but your body is being pelted with toxic meds, so baby yourself. Also, as you feel better and stronger, find something to occupy your time, thus your thoughts. I went back to work part time just to keep myself busy and my mind off the cancer. Drink lots of water, and keep plugging away!

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I agree with all the suggestions that have been posted. Ativan and sleep help the most for me. When nauseous I find sausage links, steak and melons, fruit and ice cream are my best friends.

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