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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

My name is because of my shoes!

I am a lover of beautiful things.  Never meant to brag.  I would never do that.  but I do love the finer things in life.  I have been blessed to a certain extent to have such wonderful parents, who came from nothing and built "something" and left me wanting for not much at all.  I am definitely blessed in that way.


Healthwise, not so good.  I guess everything is a trade-off.  Frown


I love to travel.  I have been around the world and before I got cancer, loved London and Las Vegas.  I love music and adore Ed Sheeran.  He's my favortie artist right now.  My taste in music is so weird.  I love opera too.  Andrea Bocelli is my favorite star.


On March 22, 2019, my mother died from congestive heart failure.  I took care of her from January to March.  a week before we lost her, I had to let the hospice people take her to the hospital where she lasted 8 full days.  I sat with her by her bed for each day talking to her but she was in a semi-coma.  


I carry that heartbreak with me.  I gave away her furniture to relatives that don't have much money and gave away her necklace with the virgin Mary to the bank officer that was so kind to her.  I'm lost now and lonely.  Hoping I don't get cancer again!  but somehow, I'm not as afraid of it as I used to be.  I guess I'm a veteran.

I did learn though as Senator John McCain had said "I'm not afraid of cancer."  why should he be?  with all he endured in his life, cancer didn't define him or affect him that way.  

every time I hear someone died from cancer, I get angry because we have to fight the fight, find new ways to treat it and learn to research, research, and research all we can.  We have to be our own patient advocates.  I recently tried to get a local tv station to do a bit on uterine cancer.  Not enough is said about it.  they just blew me off.  I want women to know that bleeding after menopause especially is not normal.  Not enough is done to educate women on this horrible form of cancer.  And it has many forms.

Until then, God bless and keep punching.  we can survive this beast!

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