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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

It's been over a year since I've blogged.

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Next month it will be four years since I had my hysterectomy. So far; so good! I went in yesterday for a bone density test and have an appointment with my doctor next month to go over the results. I'm still dealing with the neuropathy in my feet but the CBD oil has really helped. I also see a massage therapist who works on my feet and legs and I think that also helps. She told me my feet feel like "bricks." LOL, I think that's a good description. My husband loves to go to the beach but walking in sand is so hard on me and I've tried all different kinds of beach shoes. I also burn no matter how much sunscreen I use and stay in the shade. But, floating in that saltwater is heaven!!

We spent just three weeks in Wisconsin this summer. The lake is so high - both docks underwater and we can't dock our pontoon or jetski. The beach is underwater as is our front lawn. It was just depressing. I do so much better in the Florida sunshine! This year we lost some more of our CSN ladies. It's so hard when you just get to know someone and this horrible cancer takes them. Some of our other ladies are also suffering with recurrences or bad side effects from treatment. 





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Good to hear your story. Am sorry for your experiences. All I say the Dr who is seeing you will do appropriate medical management. Am also a medical professional and am certain your Doctor there is as good as us here in Kenya. Wish your luck and well as you seek treatment. I pray to God to your health improve. Ameen

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