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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Year of Yes!

scarlett21's picture

I just picked up the book Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. I can't wait to get into it. I could probably say yes to more things in my life. Actually I bought 3 books. Every time I step into a Barnes and Noble, I will most likely come away with at least 3 books. I know, it's a sickness. I noticed there's a little free library right by my house. I dumped a bunch of books off there and took one for myself. Turns out the book sucked, but I'm happy to have my first little free library experience.

As long as my appointment goes well in Monday, I'm off to NC on Tuesday! I really need to get down there, it's been so long. All the other times I tried to go the doctor said no or I got sick. So, pray to whatever God you believe in, or pray to the universe for things to go well. I'll be heartbroken if it doesn't work out.

On a more positive note, I bought a new journal. Who knew Michael's had such cute journals? And it was so cheap with the coupon! 

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